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I would love to cleanse my colon! However drinking only lemonade for ten days doesn’t seem to be a safe way to do things (I live in Arizona and trust me, when it is 120 outside you don’t want to be running on E). Is there a safe and effective method for colon cleansing that includes some food?
TY anyone in advance!

This is a great question and having done all sorts of cleanses, plus lived in AZ, I agree that fasting on lemon drink is the last thing you want to do.

There is a great website detailing some other easy ways to cleanse the colon at home including the high fiber diet, raw foods diet and homemade herbal cleansing. Here it is:

I myself use a great product from New Zealand once a year to complete my cleansing:

Best of luck to you!

Can colon cleanse get rid of Belly Fat?

Posted by admin on Tuesday 30 June 2009

I’m thin and don’t need to lose weight, but I do have a mid-section and heard that colon cleansing can make your stomach flatter. Is it ok health wise also?

It’s healthy to have a colon cleanse, but it will NOT help you lose any weight whatsover.

Which one is the healthiest, do they really work? Are any of them dangerous or bad for you at all? Is it beneficial for a 24 year old?

Colon cleansing does work, especially if you eat a lot of meat or are not very active. Meat can get stuck in your colon and cause fatigue, weight gain, skin problems, and more.

I use a colon cleanse product called IntraCleanse. They might still have some free trials left here –

So far the results have been great. Less bloating, more energy, and I’m losing a few pounds a week. But I’m over 40 and you are only 24. You may not have the same problems I used to :)

I have not felt any negative side effects from IntraCleanse. I don’t think it is dangerous.

Read about my weight loss story below.

i started it about two days ago, and i have felt a little sick from i am hoping to hear positive reviews..hopefully

You are feeling sick most likely because your body is toxic. The Acai detoxes your body, so through many channels of your body, it is trying to eliminate them effectively. Try going to a sauna or taking a hot bath to help alleviate the "overload" in the digestion and so forth. Doing that will bring the toxins out through the skin. That may help with the "sick" feeling you have, until the process is done.

Top Colon Cleanse Review.mp4

Posted by admin on Tuesday 30 June 2009

How I got rid of my day in day out bellyache. Visit my blog

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