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Does Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Max actually help one lose fat?

Posted by admin on Sunday 29 November 2009

I’m a guy, but I still want to lose weight.

Im not too sure about them, ive heard a lot about acai berry but also a lot of complaints. I would suggest you ask a doctor before taking any colon cleansing supplement honestly. You have to be careful about which ones you choose and take them as they say. I use Nature Cleanse it has helped me loose some weight pretty quick too. Im a guy and i work out and i wasnt loosing weight but when i started that it made a big difference. But like i said i would ask a doctor first, supplements like that can work differently with people. If you do decide to try one i would stick with one thats well known and has good reviews. If you want to look more into it and read up on some stuff ill leave you some links. I hope this helps you out. Thanks.

ive been hearing about the acai berry and colon cleanser seen on rachel ray and cnn and i wouldnt think they would false advertise nething so i was wondering if it worked or not bc i just ordered some

yes! it will work! in most of cases acai berry works!

How to Spend Wisely on Colon Cleanse

Posted by Sally Hudson on Friday 27 November 2009

Having a colon cleanse is a common thing this days. However there are various ways to do it. Some may cause money loss but other can help you save some money

Things that cause money loss

1. Buying chemical-based products

An expensive and also out of result colon cleanse method is to use synthetic products. The goal off these products is to make you spend your money seeking for results that will never show of.

2. Buying from unreliable marketers

If you chose to buy products from random sources you also risk to get scammed. Unreliable sources not only that sell low quality products but they also have outrageous prices.

3. Opt for a specialized center therapy

If you think on having a colon cleansing therapy going to a specialized center is not the best answer. You won’t have better results instead you will spend lots of money for something you could do at home for a small amount of money.

Points that can help you save money

1. Buy from established providers.

Buying from established providers is a good decision to make. Not only you will get affordable products but you also get awesome results and get rid of your digestive problems for ever.

2. Follow the usage advice

The best way to get maximum from a product is to follow exactly the manufacturer’s usage advices. This way you will experience great results and also some considerable money savings.

3. Only buy natural supplements

Using natural supplements on colon cleanse is a great way to save some money these products guarantee great results and there’s no need to buy them too often. Natural colon cleanse therapy is probably one of the best cleansing method of all.

4. Avoid getting scammed.

There are many marketers that claim they have great natural supplement on great prices or they even offer huge discounts. In reality they try to sell you a fake in order to increase their profit. So get well informed before going for a promotional offer and then there’s no need to worry.

Read the colon cleanse review and get a free colon cleanse today!

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Acai and Colon Cleanse?

Posted by admin on Friday 27 November 2009

Ive heard that combining both Acai berry supplements with colon cleanse can aid in a healthy weight loss, obviously by detoxing the body of the crap inside there (literally lol). I dont want responses like "talk to your doctor first, blah blah blah"

has anyone tried it? or one of them?

well ok i wont tell you to ask a doctor first because odds are they will tell you do just do it naturally by eating right and certain foods but since you dont want to hear that i will share my knowledge. Combining supplements can be harmful unless they come together i hear of a lot of people getting sick from doing this. acai has a lot of good reviews and here lately a lot of complaints (just letting you know) taking cleansing pills to loose weight will help but working out while you do it can benefit the results. although either way it will help flatten your stomach. I use nature cleanse and work out and it has made me loose some weight. If you do decide to try one though just take it as directed and know that supplements like these work different with other people. be sure to read up on what you choose and go with one that has good reviews and is well known. if you want to read up on some more of what i take you can go here But i hope this helps you out and good luck.

Acai berry and colon cleanse not working for me?

Posted by admin on Wednesday 25 November 2009

I have been using these 2 products for 2 weeks now and I have been working out and eating only 1300 calories a day and I have not lost a pound. I don’t no what I am doing wrong or if it is worth continueing these pills. When i bought them it said I would lose up to 7 pounds the first week.

These products are a waste of money and don’t work. It is a well known scam.

No pill, potion or supplement will help you.
All you need to lose weight is a good healthy diet and exercise – it takes time :)