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Natural Colon Cleanse Instructional Video

Posted by admin on Sunday 31 January 2010

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Opening Doors To Colon Health

Posted by Melissa Snyte on Sunday 31 January 2010

The colon may be that silent constituent part of the body which works wonders to keep ourselves fit in an overall manner. Hence you cannot even think of compromising with the colon health when it comes to keeping yourself fit and fine. A number of people may be ignorant of the fact that colon is the sole organ in the body that is accountable for washing out all the wastes and the toxins that are there in our body. Hence you would have now understood that if you compromise on your colon health, what would be its after-effects and what would happen to your overall health and strength. Besides this, the colon is also responsible for the maintenance of cholesterol along with the balancing of the glucose standards in your body. In a nutshell, you have to keep a good colon health to stay fit and fine for life.

There are a number of problems that you can face if you do not possess a good colon health like constipation, nausea, indigestion, severe headache, tanned skin, unnecessary exhaustion and irritation. What happens is, what we eat gets digested in the small intestine along with the stomach. Hence an ideal digestion requires enough of pH surroundings and micro flora. The friendly bacterium helps to prevent the harmful bacteria and gives positive results when it comes to keeping your immunity system fit and fine.

Now coming up to the waste that is found in the form of all kinds of undigested substances and toxins which usually consists of bulk of fibers, Waste dispersal is the main function of the colon. The fibers act on the probiotics that are found in good amount in the colon of which fermentation is the further consequence. While this fermentation process goes on, the body yields some vital nutrients which help the liver to function properly in keeping up cholesterol and glucose levels. So it is important that we take a lot of fiber enriched foods that aid in keeping our colon healthy and helps us to stay fit and fine.

Another reason why we need to have a good colon health is that colon washes out all the unnecessary toxins and waste from the large intestine. So if you are undergoing constipation, the waste which is there inside the colon can reduce the process of saturation of vital nutrients in our body which would in turn affect the liver adversely. The results would be poor eyesight, dry eyes, less of the energy level in the body etc.

Besides this, constipation can also cause you to have a bad breathe along with body odor. You could also be encountered by unnecessary exhaustion and tiredness which would make you dull, getting prone to increased number of diseases along with infections due to poor colon health. Colon cleansers are the best options to keep your colon healthy. It is always better to use natural colon cleansers to maintain a good colon health, thereby keeping yourself away from diseases.

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Why It Is Important To Have Good Colon Health

Posted by Melissa Snyte on Sunday 31 January 2010

It is very obvious that you cannot do without being healthy and fit and fine on an overall basis. And for being healthy on the whole you need to have an extremely good metabolism for which your digestive system should be running smoothly. And to let your digestive system function smoothly you have to ensure that you have good colon health so that everything works perfectly fine in its place and consequently you could lead a happy life. But the more imperative question that arises over here is that why colon forms to be the basis of a healthy body.

Well, colon stands to be that constituent of the digestive system which is responsible for washing out unnecessary waste and toxins from the body. On the contrary, a poor colon health would mean that all these toxins and unnecessary waste would stay inside your body which could poison the streams of your blood and other organs of the body, leading to colon cancer at times in the most severe cases. Besides this, colon is the place where the body upkeeps the important levels of liquid which are there inside the body along with the electrolyte balance. In the absence of this kind of maintenance, several health problems could arise for you out of which the most common is of blood pressure.

Amidst of this, the colon is the final organ of the digestive system that starts with your mouth. The moment food gets inside the body the process of digestion starts as it gets blended with the saliva that is there in your mouth. Hence, after the entire process of digestion that food that you have taken is there resides inside the colon for a maximum of 72 hours and after that is pushed out from the body.

Why Colon Cleansing is required? Actually colon is the exact place where both, the harmful and the beneficial bacteria stay and it contains an amount of sixty microflora which help in digestion and to encourage the production of important nutrients of the body. On the other hand, a deprived colon health would mean a full-stop to all these processes and deteriorated health. Thus, to ensure proper colon health, it is important that you get your colon cleansed. It is always better to go for natural colon cleansers not only to ensure a sturdy colon health but to keep you away from side-affects and other problems that would make your life a living hell if truth is to be quoted.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing: To keep your colon health in a good shape, it is important that you take a lot of fiber-enriched foods in your diet which helps in proper digestion of food. Besides this, it is advised to go for a natural colon cleanser because the process of washing out wastes and toxins from your colon is very much natural. On the other hand, if your colon health in not in a good form, natural colon cleansing would do it effectively as it acts mild on your colon without doing any harm to it.

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Your Diet Creates Your Reality

Posted by Dr. Lorna Mistranski on Saturday 30 January 2010

A recent study done by the University of Florida on the South American acai berry found that it has enough antioxidants to actually destroy cancer cells.

The results showed that the acai berry destroyed leukemia cells 86 percent of the time where it triggered a self-destruct response according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry where the information was initially published.

Acai berry’s provide a rich source of antioxidants which are key to fighting harmful radicals that can lead to cancer. The study was important in showing the importance of reasons why the acai berry should be part of a daily diet.

Please note that this study was not to show hat the properties in the acai berry can cure leukemia in humans.

The results were never intended to raise any false hope of a cure for leukemia as the trials were performed under the cell-culture model. The findings still are very promising. Cases have shown that compounds that prove well in a cell-culture model have also done well when tested on humans.

Other fruits have proven similar results in killing cancer cells like mangoes, grapes and guavas. Scientist are still unsure what role antioxidants play in fighting cancer cells as there are other factors that come into play as well.

Acai berry must be consumed shortly after they are picked which is why so little is known about them. The process of being able to maintain the valuable qualities is so new that very little research has ever been done on this fruit.

The acai berry is found on a palm tree that is frequently found along the amazon river flood plains. The color of the berry is a dark purple when ripe and is the size and similarity is that of a red grape. The acai berry is contained i a thin layer of a pulp that can be eaten surrounded by a large seed.

Historically, Brazilians have used acai berries to treat digestive disorders and skin conditions. Acai berry can help in reducing weight, lowering cholesterol and gaining more energy.

For the past 3 decades, Dr. Mistranski has studied the benefits that antioxidants have on the body. He currently has an free diet plans web site that is full of with an abundance of information on the high concentration of antioxidants found in acai fruit. She also has a free diet plans review site of thew best acai fruit products to buy.

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The acai berry and colon cleanse products that you see all over the internet are a complete scam. Recently a company was sued for over $3,000,000 for ripping people off with the acai berry supplements. The reason they are bad is simple, they use the waste products from the juice when making the colon cleanse product.

So basically, you’re paying for waste products.

Also, they charge you each month – and it can be extremely difficult for you get off the subscription list (stop them from taking your money) It costs these companies around $1 to make a bottle of pills and they sell it to you for $35 – not to mention they don’t work for weight loss. Please don’t buy the acai berry, they are completely rubbish.

I’ve seen so many people be caught by this scam and it really saddens me, please don’t be one of them. I understand that you want to lose weight and are looking for options, the acai berry is not one of them.

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To conclude, please don’t get scammed by the acai berry companies, the pills don’t work. Anybody that says they do work, is after one thing: YOUR MONEY.

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