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Passing Blood With Acai Colon Cleanse WTF?

Posted by admin on Sunday 28 February 2010

Hello I started a forteen day acai colon cleanse, not to lose weight just to flush out whatever. Anyways, this is day three and today I passed blood. It wasn’t bloody stool it was just blood. I’m not in any kind of pain and I’ve had two "movements" without blood since then. I did tons of research months before starting this cleanse and I am still doing some now but I cant find any reason I should be passing blood. Is this normal with colon cleansing?

Colon cleanse is a waste of time and money.You should go to the doctor to find out what damage you have done.

What is a good natural colon cleanse ?

Posted by admin on Sunday 28 February 2010

I recently went to the ER with extreme pain in my abdomen and after numerous tests and CT scans, the DR literally told me I was "full of shit"… He said my colon looks as if I have years of build up. I have recently decided to start the Master Cleanse and have just performed a SWF (salt water flush) however it did not work. I am hoping that someone has done a natural cleanse and could give me some info on what i can do to solve this issue. I think I would actually lose about 25 lbs if I could completely clean my colon of all this built up waste.. Please help!!

Eat lots and lots of whole kernel corn, celery, raw carrots, and drink water. I know how you feel. This works very well for me. No chocolate, no white flour, no alcohol, no soda. Try this for a couple of days. You will be surprised how much it helps.

I heard that the average person has anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds of fecal matter build up inside their colon! (YUCK) and that a colon cleansing can get rid of that. Is that true or just junk science?

Also, if a colon cleansing is worth the money, do you have to go to a doctor to get one done or can you buy something at a drug store or health food store and do it yourself?

Thanks for any help and / or advice.

It’s junk science. A "colon cleanse" is nothing but an enema. It might wash out everything, but within a few days (assume you keep eating), you’ll replace all of it.

You’d be better off to learn and follow a healthy diet, set up a regular program of exercise, and get a physical once a year, just like your doctor has been telling you. That’s boring and dull, but it works better in the long run.

What foods are best for colon cleanse?

Posted by admin on Sunday 28 February 2010

I eat bananas, apples, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and oranges. What other foods should I add to this? Besides bran cereal and whole wheat bread, I mean.

Eating the correct food is crucial for your wellbeing. You can try supplementing your diet with acai berry, it is not solely a widely tested and acknowledged weight loss compound, it is a superfood too. There’s a risk free trial available at I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it’s certainly working!!

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