Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse diet thing safe for 15 year old girl?

Posted by admin on Monday 23 November 2009

I saw an add somewhere that using these two products together helps with weight loss. Would it work for a 15 year old girl?
also, anyone who has tried it, does it work?

hey i know this isn’t an answer, but i also have the same question, so you’re not the only one i guess :)

10 Responses to “Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse diet thing safe for 15 year old girl?”

  1. Kelsey K

    ya i did it and i am 13References :

  2. (*)Bri-Bri(*)

    i got somw of the acai berry and detox off of the internet and it didnt work for me but if you get some from the store it might but i tried GreenTea FatBurner from walmart and it worked wonders!!!
    GOOD LUCK!References :

  3. The Truth152009

    Dont use that poison.References :

  4. chlo

    hey i know this isn’t an answer, but i also have the same question, so you’re not the only one i guess :)References :

  5. Nicole F

    Yes, it is.References :

  6. KW097

    Ive been hearing a lot of complaints about acai berry lately, though they might not me true, you can try it if you want to. I would ask a doctor first though to make sure its safe for you. If you take anything be sure to take them as directed. I use nature cleanse which worked good with my body but it could work differently with others just like any cleansing supplement. If you do decide to try one i would stick with one thats well known and has good ratings like purity12 or the nature cleanse that i use. If you would like to read more into this and learn more information you can go to I hope this helps you out. thanks.References :

  7. Scottie Heagy

    One thing I would really like to touch upon is that fat burning plan fast may be accomplished by the perfect diet and exercise. People’s size not simply affects appearance, but also the actual quality of life. Self-esteem, depressive disorders, health risks, and also physical abilities are damaged in extra weight. It is possible to make everything right and still gain. Should this happen, a medical problem may be the perpetrator. While a lot of food but not enough workout are usually the culprit, common health concerns and trusted prescriptions may greatly amplify size. I am grateful for your post in this article.

  8. Leatrice Pikula

    Wow, i can say about acai berry is that it is wonderful! i took it to supplement my current diet and i’ve already lost 12 lbs in 17 days! i know some people are skeptical but i highly reccomend this product to anyone, plus its all natural!

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