Acai Berry Colon Cleanse Explained

Posted by admin on Saturday 10 October 2009

Dr. Oz made the Acai berry colon cleanse popular during this guest appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show.  Oprah can set trends like no other figure in American culture today.  Dr. Oz even has his own show now, in addition to his segment on the Oprah Winfrey show.  Word got out quickly when Dr. Oz presented the benefits of an Acai berry colon cleanse on the Oprah show.  Suddenly, it seemed, everyone was commenting about the Acai berry colon cleanse.

Colon cleansing became popular in the last decade for two main reasons.  The first is that colon cancer is the second most fatal cancer for men.  Lung cancer is number one for both men and women.  Colon cancer is in third place for women behind lung cancer and breast cancer.  Making sure your colon is not loaded with several pounds of undigested meat or food containing toxins may prevent colon cancer.  The second reason is the diet most of us eat today is loaded with artificial ingredients and toxins, especially pesticides, that negatively affect the digestive process.  This allows toxins to stay our bodies longer.  This one-two punch of a longer digestive time high concentration of toxins allows more toxins to be absorbed through the colon walls.  A colon cleansing removes toxins, parasites and artificial ingredients that accumulate in our digestive tract.

Colon cleansing effectively removes an accumulation that builds up over time on the colon walls called ‘mucoidal plaque’.  This plaque is brown and covers the colon wall like paste.  It might be caused may be the toxic nature of our diet today, but regardless the cause, it goes undetected in most cases.  Getting rid of the plaque allows the digestive tract to work for effectively, and significant weight loss can result.

The popularity of the Acai berry took off with Dr. Oz praising the many benefits it offers.  But Dr. Oz added an interesting twist of combining Acai berries with colon cleansing, calling this combination an Acai berry colon cleanse.  Acai was first known as a powerful antioxidant, but it also is effective in eliminating toxins and waste.  Acai is high in fiber and dense in vitamins and minerals.  The benefit of the combination is that the colon cleanse releases the mucoidal plaque from the colon wall and allows the undigested food and build up to pass through your system. Then Acai nourishes your body with essential nutrients.  The combination is powerful with dramatic improvements felt in just days.  Energy increases, pounds melt away and undiagnosed ailments mysteriously disappear.  

With so much attention in the media, an Acai berry colon cleanse can seem like a media created fad.  But because so many people are experiencing life transforming results, it continues to gain popularity.  With the endorsement of doctors Oz and Perricone, more and more people are discovering the powerful combination of an Acai berry colon cleanse.

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