i just read about a diet where you take one pill of acai and one pill of colon cleanse and you will lose about 7 lbs a week. have you or anyone you know tried this diet and has it worked?

Colon cleansing can help you lose 5-15 pounds quickly.

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  1. Ted Sheckler

    Technically, yes it works.

    It empties excess waste from your colon and dehydrates your body. So you end up losing 7lbs of water weight that you gain back as soon as you rehydrate yourself.

    You won’t look any different, you’ll feel like crap, and the only positive will be seeing a slightly smaller number on the scale for a few days.

    The only way to effectively lose weight is with proper diet and exercise.References :

  2. Iz

    They don’t work.It’s a bs scam.When you buy the trial they will keep charging your card over and over again.It’s just a big scam.True weight loss comes from busting your a$$ in the gym and running hard.References :

    EDITORS NOTE: Iz, ignorance is not a virture. Not all companies charge your credit card over and over, only the “free trial offers” do that, so avoid them. If someone is having health problems, and may be overweight, because of leaky gut, toxins or parasites, going to the gym and “running hard” may not be possible for them. First, you need to be in good health, then hit the gym.

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  3. Mrs M

    Yes, I used this method. I am diabetic and really can’t change my diet very much. So, while using the Acai pills & the colon cleanse and eating my normal every day diet, I lost 5 lbs each week. So I can only imagine how much I would have lost if I could have lowered my intake more. I did find one interesting thing. It did cleanse my colon. Not to the point of diarrhea, but really regular. Good luck.References :

  4. Betsy

    Hello, I’m a doctor. Use acomplia. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to —-> :

  5. T

    Hi Jew-ish,

    Everything that we eat gets converted into toxins by the time it reaches our bowels. If our bowels are not cleaned up these toxins bounce back into the system causing several diseases. The colon helps in removing moisture from the waste products and excreting it from the system. Therefore it plays an extremely important role in our digestive system. If the colon is blocked the liver cannot function properly.

    Foods that help this cleansing process are those that are rich in magnesium and calcium. A combination of these two ingredients helps regularize bowel movements thus preventing constipation and accumulation of toxins. Calcium flexes the internal muscles and magnesium relaxes them.

    Foods that are a rich source of calcium are:

    o Sesame Seeds
    o Sunflower Seeds
    o Spinach
    o Broccoli
    o Almond

    Magnesium can be found in the following foods:

    o Spinach
    o Coconut
    o Walnuts
    o Parsley
    o Corn
    o Sunflower Seeds

    To maintain a healthy colon the following must be included in your daily diet:

    Fresh Fruits: These are rich in fibre which and are natural cleansers. Apples and Pears are recommended during cleansing and should be had for breakfast.

    Yeast Flakes: They are a good source of vitamin B can minerals and should be included in our daily diet. However, people allergic to yeast can have raw egg yolk instead.

    Raw Egg Yolk: It contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins required during the cleansing process. One egg yolk a day is recommended. If it is difficult to have raw, egg yolk can be mixed with hot milk and had for breakfast.

    Fresh Green Vegetables: These are a high source of fibre and produce enzymes that help in the digestive system.

    Bowel Cleansing is not about just cleaning the colon but also cleaning the large and small intestines and the stomach as well. It is essential for a healthy body and a disciplined approach towards cleansing is necessary. The tips given above are helpful to achieve this goal.References :

    EDITORS NOTE: Your comments are simply ridiculous. Toxins don’t “bounce back” into our system. Did you get a medical degree online?

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  6. Herbal Colon Cleanse

    I will be undecided about herbal colon cleaning – personally Cleaning it once a one online (see previous link) and think it was very successful for me personally. I lost some essential weight and feel healtheir. Alternatively We’ve one friend who says it made no impact on. It is all a legitimate personal thing and something that you should tried once to choose on your own Maybe.

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