Colon Cleanse = Colon Cancer. Dr Oz & Oprah Agree

Posted by admin on Friday 30 October 2009 Constipated? Diarrhea? Stinky Gas? Your Internal Sewage it Clogged. You Urgently need a Colon Cleanse. Free Natural Supplement will clean your inside like a new born. Hurry up! Life’s too short.

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2 Responses to “Colon Cleanse = Colon Cancer. Dr Oz & Oprah Agree”

  1. sinscholar3

    5 stars for info, … 5 stars for info, but 1 star for what this is titled as.

  2. missmarie273

    What the does … What the does THIS clip have to do with Dr OZ or Oprah? What a bunch of misleading crap!

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