ive been hearing about the acai berry and colon cleanser seen on rachel ray and cnn and i wouldnt think they would false advertise nething so i was wondering if it worked or not bc i just ordered some

yes! it will work! in most of cases acai berry works!

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  1. businesslady333

    well i have the acai berry i havent used it yet though until my treadmill comes in the mail, and then thats when i will start to use it, email me join our weight loss group in the yahoo chat… im me businesslady333References :

  2. Lucio O

    To tell the truth I havent checked out any of the acai berry programs but I might. While I decide Im just sticking with pomegranite.References :

  3. goodinfo

    I am young and I have never had my colon cleanse but they say it is healthy to have it done when you get around your thirties to help prevent prostate and colon cancer. I say get it done with a product that gives at least a free trial offer. Ima look for sum and if i find one I will post a link for it.

    Im not sure about acai berry.References :

  4. Loretta Ciraldo M.D.

    yes! it will work! in most of cases acai berry works!References :

  5. Alberto Fontan

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  6. Gregoria Simpler

    Pure Acai is a powerfull superfood supplement in a capsule. If you feel that your antioxidants level are too low and your diet is not providing enough fruits and vegetables you can take up to 4 capsules a day.

  7. Nellie Fust

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