The acai berry and colon cleanse products that you see all over the internet are a complete scam. Recently a company was sued for over $3,000,000 for ripping people off with the acai berry supplements. The reason they are bad is simple, they use the waste products from the juice when making the colon cleanse product.

So basically, you’re paying for waste products.

Also, they charge you each month – and it can be extremely difficult for you get off the subscription list (stop them from taking your money) It costs these companies around $1 to make a bottle of pills and they sell it to you for $35 – not to mention they don’t work for weight loss. Please don’t buy the acai berry, they are completely rubbish.

I’ve seen so many people be caught by this scam and it really saddens me, please don’t be one of them. I understand that you want to lose weight and are looking for options, the acai berry is not one of them.

If you do want to lose weight and get into shape, then I recommend you visit as I’ve been using their product for 2 months now and have the body I’ve wanted all my life. They also helped me avoid getting scammed by the doddgy acai berry companies.

To conclude, please don’t get scammed by the acai berry companies, the pills don’t work. Anybody that says they do work, is after one thing: YOUR MONEY.

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