I would like any and all feedback. How much weight if any did you lose? How much exercise did you do? What type of diet were you on and anything else you would like to add. Thank you so much for any and all answers!

I think fruits is better.

3 Responses to “I am about to try out the Acai Breeze/Colon Cleanse program and am wanting to get feed back from people…?”

  1. Jianjun Yang

    I think fruits is better.References :

  2. DentalGeoChick

    Just be careful on this one. It can be dangerous, especially if you do it too much. You can ruin your intestinal lining, injure your colon, or do yourself harm.

    There are other safer and more effective ways to lose weight.

    A diet low in fat, calories and with reduced carbs works well and is a healthy lifestyle change. It might be something you want to look at before committing to something that could potentially injure you in the long term.References :

  3. Mslgi

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