Is acai berry colon cleanse effective?

Posted by admin on Thursday 15 October 2009

What are the ingredients present in acai berry colon cleanse?

It can definitely help. This site reviews different brands of Acai, it has some good info


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  1. omgitsobscured

    yesReferences :

  2. KK

    I don’t know but i’m a nutrition student and I don’t believe in those colon cleansers. There’s this natural colon cleanser that I call fiber ;)….try eating that :) …that means whole grains, fresh fruits, and veggies.

    I don’t know what’s contained in that specific colon cleanser besides what I read from that other person’s response and the only ingredient I see that they listed that would have a direct effect on your colon is fiber. All the vitamins and the calcium that’s supposedly in it, is digested before it reaches the colon. (90% of all nutrients are absorbed into the small intestine since there are a large majority of enzymes contained there).

    *addition- Oh, I was looking at the notes I took in my nutrition class today and i’ll copy and paste this here since it fits well with what I was talking about: Nothing is digested in the colon- it is responsible for waste and reabsorption of water, electrolytes, vitamins, and sodium.References :

  3. Jason M

    yea.. made me juice out a bunch of junk that had been stored up there for years. had maggots and stuff in it. I am sure glad I went through with it. Minimal bleeding,too.References :

  4. David s

    WARNING! Read this blog before trying Acai Berry!

    Thanks to this blog, it helped me a lot to choose the best.
    Hope this helps :-)References :

  5. Jenny H

    One thing that brought my dieting and losing weight out of the plateau I was in so long was the Acai Berry. I was stuck at my weight loss goals and this brought me through it and made me lose a lot of weight. So in my opinion it helped me lose weight tremendously. I know a lot of that dieting stuff is expensive but I found a free trial of Acai Berry(I think it only cost me like 7-8 bucks at the time for shipping.) The site was – All I did was try it out for a month and I was sold, I saw the results I wanted to and like I said I was in that plateau with my weight loss. This kicked it up a bunch.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.References :

  6. BlueT

    It would be depends on your body and your health condition. Maybe its better if you read some testimonials from the customers first. Try http://www.bestdietpillreviews.orgReferences :

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