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    The Better Business Bureau in the U.S. released a statement this January warning consumers to be wary of website offering acai berry-related weight loss products, saying it has received “thousands” of complaints from consumers.


    (watch the videos on my page to know more about the scam)


    When you agree to … When you agree to the “free trial” and don’t cancel your account in the 14 days, you will be charge monthly! In many cases, when customers try to contact the company and cancel their subscriptions, they are forced to sit for more than an hour on hold. Plus, some consumers have complained of unauthorized charges on their credit card or bank accounts for products they did not order and were eventually forced to close bank accounts and cancel credit cards to stop the charges.




    Winfrey, Oz, and Ray have all publicly disassociated themselves from the sites that make unauthorized use of their names.

    A disclaimer was added to the Oprah website last month that reads: “Consumers should be aware that Oprah Winfrey is not associated with nor does she endorse any açaí berry product or online solicitation of such products.”


  4. deaniew557

    Does anyone know … Does anyone know what this song is called and who it’s by? Thanks.

  5. memama2 uncle used … uncle used this stuff…we buried Him in November from cancer!..he sold the products and scarffed it ~~down~~ and had rode across the country on a bike for a charity the year before. He never smoked or ate wrong and used this juice for 2 years! Then he died. ….the evidence for any of this products is kept SECRET because its a PRYAMID money SCAM! only…not for HEALTH!

  6. Kevin Kuybus

    Acai berry weight loss really works well when followed with correct eating habits. My friend tried and lost around 7 kgs in 4 months

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    Losing weight is a balance of exercise and diet plans. One option is to have a low carb diet meal plan in place to get started on changing some of those eating habits. Which website has been the most helpful for your low carb diet meal plans?

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    I will be on the fence about herbal colon cleansing – personally I tried one online (see previous link) and think it was very beneficial personally. I lost some essential weight and feel healtheir. On the other hand I’ve one friend who says it made no impact on. I think it is perhaps all a real personal thing then one that should be tried once to make the decision on your own Perhaps.

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    3 days went by and I was shocked that I did indeed feel “better” and I had energy and I wasn’t as hungry (I always felt hungry and never full, even if I have had a lot to eat.). Its now been 11 days, and I am so freaking shocked, I lost a noticeable amount await and my once tight clothes are now comfortable or loose. My skin looks awesome as well, and I have been getting complements from family and friends about how clear and healthy my face looks. So far its the only product to win and get past my skepticalistic views.

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