Colon cleansing has become very popular as it claims to offer various health benefits. But it may cause some side effects also. It is done in order to remove the waste particles as well as toxins which are accumulated on the walls of the colon. Once these toxins enter the bloodstream, they may cause fatigue, migraine, etc. The accumulated waste particles can be a good breeding ground for harmful bacteria as well as intestinal parasites. The benefits of colon cleansing are that it removes these toxins and waste in order to ensure a healthy body. The other benefits include a healthy skin, hair, as well as an energy-filled body. The popularity of best colon cleansing products is increasing day by day.

This process is beneficial for the body, but there are colon cleanse side effects too. The most common among these are headaches, nausea, fever, flu-like symptoms, anxiety as well as depression. Some persons may experience allergic reactions, loss of appetite, intestinal cramps, urine discoloration, chronic diarrhea, panic attacks besides irritability and weepiness. These symptoms may last for three to four days and then subside after this period. In case colon hydrotherapy is not done properly, the colon cleanse side effects in that case can be electrolyte imbalance and perforation of intestinal wall. In rare cases, it may lead to heart failure too.

The reasons attributed to colon cleanse side effects are the body’s reaction to the various cleansing products. These agents have to separate the toxins and waste which have accumulated in the body over the years. The severities of the colon cleanse side effects is dependent on the time which is taken for cleansing colon. The shorter the period, more intense will be the symptoms. But these side effects are not due to this process of cleansing colon.

These are actually withdrawal symptoms which are developed by the body, as the toxins are eliminated. Basically, you have to suffer some symptoms, if you want to achieve a toxin-free body as well as vitality. The side effects are also caused by some herbs which are used as the various cleansing products. These herbs can lead to complications in people having allergies.

Thus, it is better to undergo colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation under the supervision of a qualified practitioner only in order to avoid any kind of colon cleanse side effects. In case you are allergic, avoid herbal products. Opt for home remedy for cleansing colon. Avoid any kind of junk food as well as aerated drinks during your colon cleansing program. Drink more water in order to aid in the removal of toxins.

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