Free Colon Cleansing Recipe

Posted by Melanie Stuart on Tuesday 20 July 2010

Whether you have a problem with constipation, would like a little boost to lose weight or just wish to keep your body working as smoothly as it can be, you might know that a colon cleanser is a method to go to acquire all of these goals, however did you also know that you could make your colon cleanse yourself with a free colon cleansing recipe? Well, while a lot of things that aid your body may seem like they need a physician to put them together, you can use a free colon cleansing recipe to produce a great body-cleansing program out of all natural ingredients.

Free Colon Cleansing Recipe Options

The first thing you must consider is to know which kind of free colon cleansing recipe you are most interested in. There are actually options that are just meant to be considered in an Enema and clean just the colon or those that cleanses your whole digestive tract.

For Colon Cleansing Only

Water Colon Cleanse. The first free colon cleansing recipe for using an Enema is simple water or H2O. Typically adding warm water to an enema and flushing the colon system is an easy way to begin with. Just make sure you know how to make use of enema before you start as using it incorrectly might harm the tissue in your colon.

Salt Water Colon Cleansing Recipe

Salt is an amazing cleaning and healing agent. So, it surely makes sense that a saltwater colon cleanse is good for the body as well. The key is in making sure you are using the right kind of salt. Well, if you wish to use sea salt (preferably grey sea salt) that hasn’t been processed, you have to add the salt to clean water in a pot and allow it to boil for a little while. Then let the water cool and use it in your enema.

Oral Free Colon Cleansing Recipes

* Aloe Supplements. Adding some aloe to your day-to -day diet may help to move things a bit more easier through your colon system. Aloe is a natural lubricant as well as a healer. That is why it can clear waste out while also healing any damage to the tissue wall of your gastrointestinal tract.

* Bentonite Clay. While many of us think clay is used for things such as facial masks, there are certain clays that could help heal your body from the inside. Bentonite clay is one of those and this healing clay will help to clear out your colon as well as heal any damage that has been done.

* Pre-made Colon Cleanse Tablets. If you don’t want to take the time to look and measure ingredients for these cleanse yourself, there is an easier method. You could purchase a colon cleanser supplement that has already been made and let it do the job. So if you are going to go this way, you might wish to choose for a supplement that is not only easy to administer but also has additional healing benefits. Well, in this case you might want to consider an oxygen-based colon cleanser. In addition to cleansing your colon though flushing out blocked up waste, it also emits oxygen as it works, which is a healing agent for the body.

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