Where To Get An Instant Recipe For Making A Good Colon Cleanser

Posted by Melanie Stuart on Thursday 22 July 2010

If you have been thinking of considering a colon cleanse to help keep your body running smoothly without any hindrances, you may be asking yourself, ‘I Wonder if there’s a recipe for making my own colon cleanser?” The good news is the answer to your question is a resounding yes. Many of the ingredients you need are already in your home or else in your grocery store. Now, the first thing you should consider when asking the question of ‘is there a recipe for making my own colon cleanser?’ is which type of colon cleansing regimen you want to put yourself on. Here are some of the options:

* Water. Most of us look to water as a way to clean the colon. In one manner this method really makes sense. After all, your main goal is to flush the waste out of your system, so why not give your digestive system a lot of fluids to do that with. But of course, water fasting is not for everyone. In fact, in this colon cleansing program you are essentially fasting – not eating anything and are instead just living on water. So those who do this as a form of colon cleanse naturally restful during the fasting period and take in the water on a regular schedule while also trying to help the process forward by giving themselves enemas.

Again, this is a more advanced colon cleansing program to take on.

* Fruits. There several studies that show papaya, especially green papaya, has great properties when it comes to cleansing the colon system. The reason for this might be because of an enzyme called Papain in the papaya. Now, once this enzyme gets into the colon, it begins to break down the waste matter that may be sticking to the wall of your gastrointestinal tract and colon. As it breaks them down it would naturally then help your body flush them away.

* Juices. Actually there are many enzymes in fruit that could help the body clean out the colon. This is why a lot of people swear by fruit juice as a colon cleanser option. They would spend a couple of days on a fruit juice diet just to give those enzymes no difficulty in breaking down the blocked up waste in the body and then flushing it away.

* Other Options. If you do not wish to make a radical change to your diet and be only eating certain fruits or water each day, you could also consider a colon cleanser supplement. There are various types of supplements that you could take in the morning and they would get to work on your body, cleaning out all the blocked up waste material out of your colon system. You can then still keep on a normal healthy diet that is high in fiber and low in fat and protein but make sure you give your body adequate amount of fluids every day to help it in the colon cleansing process.

A final consideration on this type of colon cleansing program would be to choose a cleanse that is oxygen based. That simply means this cleanses will release oxygen as it does its job. Oxygen is not just something you breathe but is also a healing agent for the body and would likely make you feel immediately better.

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