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Lose Weight Fast Diets Can Be Harmful

Posted by Terri Tutten on Friday 5 March 2010

We’ve all been in the same place you are at just once or another. You’d like to lose weight really fast because that high school reunion is coming up or your husband is taking you on a cruise and you would like to look good in a bathing suit. For whatever reason, you’ve got four weeks to go and you’d like to lose fifty pounds. And rather than a sensible eating plan you turn to one of those fad diets to help you lose weight really fast.

Well, let me tell you right now, it is not going to work. And if it does, you’ll more than likely end up lying in a hospital bed rather than on some gorgeous tropical beach. No matter how unhealthy you are as a result of of excess weight gain, you’ll be even unhealthier if you are attempting to lose that weight by depriving your body of the nutrition it needs to survive. Your goal should not be to lose weight really fast by fasting. Your goal should be to lose weight sensibly by changing your eating habits.

If you really want to lose weight, the first thing you have to do is stop using the “D” word. In our mind, the word “diet” suggests that it’s simply temporary. You may eventually be ready to return to the way you were eating before you went on a “diet”. And that’s the most important reason that fad diets don’t work. Because in the back of your mind, you are thinking that these good eating habits are merely temporary and shortly, you’ll be ready to go back to the junk food and everything will be OK.

Those fad diets always have you take away some food group completely from your eating plan. Some have you totally drop carbohydrates and others tell you to skip dairy products. But your body needs vitamins and nutrients from all of the food groups. And usually, one nutrient works along with another. When you are trying to lose weight really fast by eliminating a particular food entirely from your diet you’ll be depriving your body of a nutrient that it really needs for your survival. So, let’s merely think of this as developing new eating habits. Because the word “habit” makes you think of something you’ll not ever change! Or better yet, think of it as a life-style change!

You are going to have to eliminate some of the junk foods and unhealthy choices from your diet. But that does not mean you cannot sometimes treat yourself to a candy bar or an ice cream. Once you’re on the correct track and have increased your metabolism, your body will be ready to handle those special treats while not gaining ten pounds over night. So you do not need to fast or deprive yourself of your favorite foods forever. You merely need to learn to eat sensibly.

So you need to ignore those fad diets that have you living on grapefruit juice or eliminating 2 meals each day in an attempt to lose weight really fast. They either do not work, you will gain all the weight back and then some, or you may end up seriously ill. Instead simply start making healthier choices to lose weight sensibly.Why

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How Frequently Should You Cleanse Your Colon?

Posted by Bart Icles on Wednesday 3 March 2010

The colon cleanse is without question one of the most well regarded health practices people are trying these days, with various versions of it being done and people buying a great many products that promise to keep the colon clean and healthy. Indeed, there is quite a number of these products available these days; ever since colon cleansing became the in thing to do, health supplement manufacturers have gotten into developing colon cleansers as well, and people are scrambling to give them a try, so these days, it’s become very important to know what you’ll be buying and learning more about the product to be sure that it really does bring benefits for your body.

There are plenty of good reasons why the colon cleanse has generated such hype. One of the reasons is that it apparently helps one lose weight, shedding pounds that people are usually unable to get rid of no matter what they do. It has been discovered that the colon cleanse does perform in this manner, because it gets rid of all the waste products in the body, and it has also been found that undigested or unprocessed waste materials could weigh as much as five pounds. So it’s easy to see why colon cleansing is something a lot of people are interested in doing.

But that isn’t the sole reason why people are inspired to do a colon cleanse. Health is also a major factor, especially since people who have tried the cleanse swear by it. A lot of them attest to the fact that it has made them feel better, getting rid of their headaches and giving them much more energy. That’s because toxins usually bring about the discomfort and heaviness one feels, and getting rid of them means that your body is freer and lighter. Another plus of the colon cleanse is great skin and brighter eyes, and some even say that they do look better as a result of the cleanse.

Such results cause people to want to do a colon cleanse constantly in order to ensure that the effects will last for a long time. However, this is not especially recommended for the body. Frequent colon cleansing can wear out the colon and the rest of your body, and at the same time, you’ll be depriving yourself of any other nutrients that your body needs. Doing a cleanse on a daily basis definitely isn’t in your body’s best interests.

Instead, perform a colon cleanse every weekend. Your body needs to recover after every cleanse, and you don’t want to deprive it of any nutrients. Allow your body to return to its natural state, and then just do the cleanse every time you’re feeling inexplicably bloated and heavy again.

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What has been your experience with colon cleansing?

Posted by admin on Friday 2 October 2009

What did you use? Supplements? Bowel irrigation? And most importantly, what effect did it have on your overall health and quality of life?

I totally disagree with the 1st person’s answer! I got a severe case of Food Poisoning and was very sick for months. After that I struggled with irritable bowl. My husband picked up parasites when we went to Mexico also, so I started looking for a colon cleanse. We used Nature’s Medicine Corporation’s, Internal Sweep. It helped us tremendously! I no longer struggle with irritable bowel and it took care of my husbands parasites. We do it once a year and notice a difference in our health. Good luck! Cindy

health questions about colon cleansing and acai berry?

Posted by admin on Tuesday 29 September 2009

i am about 5 feet 2 inches and weight about 126 pounds
My weight is ditributed mostly in my hips and my breasts so i dont really look overweight i am just curvy and big breasted
i have a little stomach fat but not enough to bother me
i enjoy staying active i play sports and do things outside like ride a bike but only exercise to exercise sporadically or start and never continue for more than maybe 2 weeks
i am not a picky eater and eat what i want but its mostly healthy and blanaced i have tried losing weight and i have slimmed down a little but never gotten to a point that was really dramatic or stayed there for a while
my goal is to be about 110 and my doctor says that would be a nice weight for my height so i would love to lose about 15 pounds
i just read and watched news clips all about colon cleansing and acia berry and read this womans story about how she used both pills and lost 41 pounds in 2 months
aside from losign weight i thing detoxing our bodies is a helthy thing to do and the weight loss would be a plus but i know ppl use them who want to lose a ton of weight from a pregnancy or soemthing
i was wondering if i could do the same thing but in smaller doses and how i would calculate it please help
doctors reccomendations would be appreciated also
i have heard about this new free trial
but is it so new that i have to use this?
or can i still buy it otc

colon cleanses that promise weight loss are not going to be actual or permanent weight loss and will not change the outer shape of your body. A colon cleanse just empties out your bowels of the pounds of feces that are stuck up in there. You have to do a colon cleanse before you have some surgeries and a colonoscopy or sphigmoidoscopy. On a scale you will actually weight less but in reality you wll have lost no fat.

The acai berry is just another diet fad.

I would say that your weight and shape are just fine and it would be much healthier to stay where and how you are than to get caught up in the current obsession with weight and body image that can lead to anxiety and depression and even eating disorders.

What is good about getting your colon cleansed?

Posted by admin on Saturday 26 September 2009

I’ve had trouble with my poop and so been thinking about it. Is it covered under health insurance? What is an approximate cost? I have so many questions. :)

I have done a colon cleanse and solved the same problem. Be careful because I tried several products and they didn’t help at all.
The only product that worked was call herbal fiberblend and I found it on an excellent info site and brought on line from them. I don’t think you can claim it on your insurance but do it any how it is well worth the effort.
If you go to you will find all the info you need and I have found the people who developed the site to be trustworthy and they know their stuff, because I corresponded with a lady from their contact page and she was extremely helpful, she helped me go through the cleanse and understand what I was doing