colon cleanse, are we too young?

Posted by admin on Saturday 31 July 2010

is 13 to young to use one?
is 14 to young to use one?
we aren’t overweight we just wanna lose a couple more lbs
this way since were both going to the beach in less than 2 weeks we would have nice bodies
soo is it okay to use?
my friend asked her dad who is a doctor if this was a young age and he said no..

we would buy it from walgreens or cvs which should we get?
what are the outcomes etc

if you tried it tell me your reviews

colon cleanses are phoney, phoney, phoney.

Please don’t consider it. there are too many people with bowel fixations. It wreaks your system, flushes out needed electrolytes.

the only time a person should have a colon cleanse is if he is having a medical or surgical procedure on his bowel.

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