Colon cleanse Learn How To Detoxify Your Skin Posted By: Mar

Posted by admin on Tuesday 29 December 2009
Your skin relies on your other organs, such as your colon and liver, to rid itself of toxins and chemicals. If your other organs are worn out, tired or just generally not functioning correctly, your skin will struggle to perform as it should do too. Fortunately, if this is happening to you, there is a solution – a skin detox.

Performing a skin detox is simple in that you just have to avoid certain types of food and drink for a short while whilst focusing on consuming healthier alternatives. The best things to eat are fruit, vegetables and all kinds of seeds and nuts. These have all been proven to assist you in obtaining clearer, healthier skin.

There are vitamins and supplements, as well, that help you achieve healthier looking skin. You can take things like milk thistle and flaxseed, which are known for their antioxidants, as well as probiotic products.

Other healthy detox supplements to consider include: alfalfa; burdock root; chlorella; cascara sagrada; echinacea; fennel seed; ginger; horsetail; psyllium husk; red clover; slippery elm; yarrow yellow dock. Some of these can be bought at supermarkets but others are only available from health food stores.detoxdetoxinghealthy detoxhealthweight loss

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