Colonix Colon Cleansing Program Review – Day 36

Posted by admin on Monday 26 October 2009 – Day 36 of my Dr. Natura Colonix colon cleansing treatment review and things continue to get stranger. I passed an enormous, rope-like stool this morning when I went to the bathroom. It was easily a foot in length and as you can see, very weird in appearance. I’m still taking a break from 2 of the 3 components in the Colonix program as recommended after the first month but I’m still drinking the fiber drink at the moment.

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4 Responses to “Colonix Colon Cleansing Program Review – Day 36”

  1. S2KFTW

    Dude, why would I … Dude, why would I take that stuff if it makes my look like that??!!!! I’m sure as not going to put that garbage into my body!!!

  2. pokistick

    That looks like a … That looks like a tapeworm, Yikes!

  3. malxk

    I’m doing this … I’m doing this program too. I’ve only had one strange mvt so far on day 5. I have slightly less pain already. Can this help with diverticulitis? I sure hope so. keep the blog coming. It is reassuring to know stuff that you include.

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