Do you belong to the "new Church of Global Warming"?

Posted by admin on Tuesday 21 July 2009


23 Responses to “Do you belong to the "new Church of Global Warming"?”

  1. Blood Child

    Nope!!!!!References :

  2. scorbore

    I tried finding it but my 2ft of snow over the weekend didn’t allow my car to get out of the drive wayReferences :

  3. glw

    AgnosticReferences :

  4. Meeeeeeee2007

    You know, conservatives are funny little things.

    They claim to love religion and the church, yet use it to degrade everything they hate.References :

  5. Kwan Kong

    No, but Global Warming is a Reality. May God have mercy on those who destroy the earth.References :

  6. ck4829

    How much does Exxon pay you to post these questions?References :

  7. 4815162342

    Yes yes I DO!References :

  8. JennoftheJungle

    No… I’m still stuck on the Global Cooling hoopla from the late 60’s.References :

  9. Tom

    No, but it environmentalism is a religion. Except you can disprove this faith.References :

  10. martinmagini

    you should ask that of the people in Chicago today who have weather advisories about the frigid wind chill.References :

  11. kre8iv4u2002

    No, but i do belong to the church of terrorism and fearmongering!References :

  12. Laughing Man Copycat

    With me the Jury is still out…We need more research that is independent of politics.References :

  13. Timothy M

    Is Ted Haggard going to be conducting the sermons? I’M IN!References :

  14. The Yellow Dart

    I’m an atheist when it comes to global warming.
    Wait, that doesn’t make sense.
    No, I don’t believe that man is a significant factor in global warming.References :

  15. cheapscates

    Nope, I’m a Southern Baptist.References :

  16. Jessica

    Here’s my theory. I beleive in Global Warming, but I do not believe it is caused by humans. There is a Russian scientist, Habibullo Abdusamatov, says the cause is in fact an increase in solar activity, not CO2 in the atmosphere. I don’t know if he’s right, but I do believe it’s a cycle that the Earth goes through regularly and there is nothing Man can do to start or stop it in any significant amounts.References :

  17. NinjaRat

    Never heard of such a thing. I’ve only heard of scientific research and a darn near consensus among scientists.

    I’ve have heard of those in denial who have no respect for logical thinking and believe its funny when they and their children are in as much danger as everyone else. These people also clearly don’t read any scientific journals where for years now Global Warming has been discussed as fact. Only in the mind of President Bush (and similar non-intellects) does Global Warming not exist.

    I challenge them: let me select the river and they can drink from it, then we will see who believes or doesn’t believe in environmental concerns. Come, let me baptize you in the waters of the Hudson River, and join the church of Global Warning.

    In case you were wondering, yes, you just got pwn3d.References :

  18. gdeach

    George Bush is since talked about it in his state of the union address also the Presidents own science council are members
    You can deny this all you like
    just like the tobbacco guys who will still say that smoking doesnt cause cancerReferences :

  19. cvq3842

    No. Eurpoern governments have shown their hand by linking the idea to "pollution taxes" imposed on the US.

    Maybe the science bears them out. But it may well be a scheme to get our money.

    Watch your wallet!References :

  20. rhino9joe

    To say it is a "church" mean to imply that there is something "faith based" about it. The science relies on taking temps GLOBALLY using recording thermometers…. (is it an ariticle of faith that they work?) and compiling them with computers, ect. A SINGLE scientist can betray the profession and falsify data, as has been known to happen, but I have SOME
    faith that not ALL scientists are liars. They couldn’t function that way.References :

  21. mrlebowski99

    Yes I typically listen to what experts think on an issue. And when the majority of them agree that Man has a big part in Global Warming I believe them.
    Make no mistake about the fact that most conservatives don’t believe it because they think its a liberal issue. Anybody commenting about the fact that some areas have snow so there must not be global warming show how little they really know about the issue.References :

  22. Jesi

    Global warming has been occurring since the end of the last ice age. Scientists were convinced that the cold spike of the mid-1960s was the coming of the long overdue global cooling period.

    While the last century has seen some faster than normal warming, no scientist ever has identified what man made cause or causes is contributing to the warming.

    The US produces a lot of CO2 so Europe blames it on the CO2. But Europe and Asia produce other forms of pollution, sulfur and smog that could be just as at fault. It could also be caused by the rapid deforestation of the last 100 years. Or perhaps the increased solar activity combined with other factors.

    So no, I don’t belong, nobody has provided compelling evidence despite their recent "consensus" that global warming existed.References :

  23. Wei Brening

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