or if you have used it how do you like it? pros & cons

Eat some fruit n veggies instead.

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  1. mcstir

    The colon absorbs water from digested foods while compacting and sending waste products along their way. The colon also takes in electrolytes and its "good" bacteria help produce B vitamins. While our bodies are amazingly efficient, waste from the foods we eat (especially all the heavily processed goodies everyone loves) can accumulate in the natural pockets and crevices of the colon. When this happens, our bodies try and let us know with a host of troublesome, painful (and sometimes totally embarrassing) set of symptoms.

    Colon cleansing is not pretty, but it made me feel really great.References :

  2. muscleman210

    Eat a proper diet and your body will flush itself out. Eat crap all the time and the body will build up feces and not work as efficiently.

    Basically, all of these products can be cathartics (make you crap), but Ever Cleanse gets bad reviews. See the source box below and check for yourself.



  3. Phil O

    Eat some fruit n veggies instead.References :

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