Sexy Firm Body Secret: “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” Review

Posted by admin on Saturday 30 May 2009

How to get a Sexy Firm Body. I tried “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” what the Doctor recommends. Results, see for yourself.

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18 Responses to “Sexy Firm Body Secret: “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” Review”

  1. deathstars0

    aw man… i might … aw man… i might have a parasite lol i doubt it but for the longest time i would have pains in my left arm in the joint and just in the muscle, sometimes random pains in my knee joints or weakness but it sounds like detoxification would be a good idea regardless i wonder how you would get checked for a parasite tho o.o,
    iv had an xray of my arm and they found nothing so , so far the pains are unexplained

  2. dutyandhumanity

    I believe the girl … I believe the girl that lost over 100 lbs. did so in 122 days not 22 days.

  3. JaysChallenge

    Wow, gotta love the … Wow, gotta love the COLON shots. I tried some colon cleansers in pill form, and i didnt really notice anything. I was duped by fancy marketing. I’m currently journaling an 11 day fatloss challenge on my own channel, and so far so good

  4. AiyosHeart

    So its been this … So its been this long, did you gain any success in this? As of todays date your comment here is 5 months, i want to know if it really works for you?

  5. flamesfan1976

    Please add this as … Please add this as a video response to my videos!!!!
    This is the LA Weight Loss Poster Girl. :-)
    Please Subscribe to my channel.
    I would LOVE your Support!!!
    Bonnie Herschmiller

  6. Jaynagurl1

    That stuff is true, … That stuff is true, but isn’t generally responsible for weight gain in itself, lol…it will always be true that you must burn any extra calories or cut them to maintain weight. Looking into nutrition can save time and money :)

  7. bunsnbeans

    I did it I lost … I did it I lost weight . DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW?
    :SPORT and a MODERATE DIET and most importantly ” NEVER GIVE UP , NEVER NEVER GIVE UP !!!”

  8. jefftormey

    Yes, it worked so … Yes, it worked so great I made this video!

  9. jefftormey

    Actually, you’ll … Actually, you’ll have a load of crap come out your butt, or maybe your head in your case. Who said it’s magic? Look at the pics and believe…maybe you just have parasties.

  10. Causticlight

    Why does this sound … Why does this sound like a load of crap to me?
    Seriously, call me a skeptic, but this just doesn’t even sound correct. Everyone wants a magic fat loss cure…

  11. jefftormey

    Super size me! Super size me!

  12. jefftormey

    of course I tried … of course I tried it, and still do it everyday. I blew the plaque out of my colon (that was weird) and I feel WAY better. We still get toxins in our diet, but at least I don’t have a bunch of mucoidal plaque clinging to my colon!

  13. jefftormey

    Corporations are … Corporations are not evil. Whole Foods is a great company…they just need more competition.

    If people KNEW what they were eating, there are many things they would not eat. We need DISCLOSURE, not a trashing of capitalism.

  14. Bubblesandlittleone

    Mcdonald, (grease) … Mcdonald, (grease) Do not touch fat (grease). It is a no no.

  15. terrynatalie08

    So did you actually … So did you actually try this Diet?? I have been looking into it and not sure? I was just wondering if it worked for you

  16. King Gabrielsen

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