Acne Vulgaris: What is it?

Posted by admin on Tuesday 13 October 2009

Acne vulgaris is the scientific name for acne. Everyone gets this skin disease At a certain point in life. In fact, it has been proven that about 85% of the total population in any place have had a cause to be infected with pimples are during a point…

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  1. latsiliea

    Acne vulgaris, what to except with a Dr?I have seen pictures and I was glad that there is a name for this. Accompanying my body acne came chicken pox! I am covered with scars all over because of the acne and pox. I can’t even explain the frustration. I have given up trying to help it, now my only choice is to see a dermatologist. What should I except at the first visit? Would they maybe ask me about what foods I eat and things like that? I don’t want the best years of my life to be ruined because of this. Anyone have any experience with acne/body acne and dermatologists? Thanks.

  2. Professor

    It’s been several years, but the first visit is usually pretty much consultation. I had a different form of acne, called roseacea (adult acne…pimples and redness on the face around the nose and eyes primarily). The guy really didn’t ask a lot of questions, but did prescribe a pill and a cream to help clear it up. It really isn’t a very traumatic experience. Good luck.References :

  3. easytofool

    Both will get cleared soon. Do not worry.

    Acne- Difference Between Face And Body


    I’ve seen several derms. He/she will likely perscribe an antibiotic and a couple of topical cremes.

    If you are seriously committed to solving acne naturally, check out my website.


  5. alkino m

    Isotretinoin (accutane) Information & it’s Side Effects.

    Isotretinoin (the generic name for accutane) is used to treat the most severe and disfiguring cases of nodular acne. Most Doctors would only recommend this treatment only after all other forms of acne medication have been tried and proved unsuccessful.

    Serious Accutane Side Effects
    1. Birth Defects
    2. Psychiatric Diseases, Depression and Suicide
    3. Central Nervous System Ailments
    4. Liver Damage
    5. Hearing/Vision Problems
    6. Accutane Pancreatic Damage

    More detailed info on this page:

    Information on the development, history and legacy of Accutane.

  6. Danie| T

    I used to have an acute case of acne when I was younger for many years; it covered my face, back, chest and posterior. I eventually healed myself without the use of drugs. I cured myself through DIET.

    -This is what you should avoid/elminate:

    fried foods
    White bread/flour
    starch combinations during the same meal (e.g. potatoes and pasta)
    soda/carbonated drinks
    sugar/corn syrup
    soft foods (processed foods)
    hydrogenated oils (in processed foods)

    -you should increase your intake of:

    fruits/vegetables, preferably organic (you should have a salad a day, at the least)
    8 glasses of water a day
    whole foods
    black and/or brown bread (whole grains)

    -you should have a balance, of 80% alkaline forming foods, to 20% acid forming foods. (mostly fruits and vegetables)


    Basically, your eliminations are poor/sluggish; thats is why some people can get away with eating badly, but you may not. The reason changing your diet to the foods below will help is because your eating foods that are much easier to digest and elminate than those above.

    I would check out Edgar Cayce; without his advice I would probably still suffer today.

    He also said you can help yourself through osteopathic adjustments to your spine, he said this can create imbalances in your nervous system (if it isn’t in proper adjustment) which will affect everything else. I haven’t done this yet, as it is expensive; but I assume when I do, I will be able to better digest the aforementioned foods. Through DIET ALONE I have been cured for a number of years.

    Don’t believe the people who say it doesn’t effect it, I swear to god this will help. It helped me. =) good luck!

    Just so others are aware, I’m copy/pasting this to others, so they can get advice, because I have been there. i’m not selling or advertising for anyone or anything, i’m not spamming. don’t think that, if you see this advice elsewhere.References :

  7. 77loyal

    Your doctor will only prescribe some meds. What are you worried about?

  8. Odin A

    Before Using Isotretinoin (accutane) / Accutane and Pregnancy.

    In deciding to use a medicine, the risks of taking the medicine must be weighed against the good it will do. This is a decision you and your doctor will make. For isotretinoin, the following should be considered:

    1. Allergies:
    Tell your doctor if you have ever had any unusual or allergic reaction to isotretinoin, acitretin, etretinate, tretinoin, or vitamin A preparations.

    2. Pregnancy:
    Isotretinoin must not be taken during pregnancy because it causes birth defects in humans.

    3. Breast-feeding
    Isotretinoin should not be used during breast-feeding because it may cause unwanted effects in nursing babies.

    4. Children
    Children may have the side effects of back, joint, or muscle pain more often than adults.

    5. Older adults
    Older people may have a greater risk of problems and adverse effects when taking isotretinoin.

    Information on the development, history and legacy of Accutane:

    Accutane and Pregnancy: Guidelines for Females
    1. Accutane and Pregnancy
    2. Accutane and Birth Control
    3. Accutane and Breastfeeding

    Accutane and Pregnancy

  9. zebedos

    The dermo may not be able to change the look you now have, but while, there always ask to have the odd mole or two cut / burnt off. Then you will have achieved something with your expensive visit.References :

  10. Tomk

    The foods you eat have practically nothing to do with acne. If you have already suffered scarring, I don’t know what the dermatologist can do to help you. My son went to a dermatologist twice a month for a couple of years. They were able to control the acne to a fair degree, but he still has some scarring on his face.References :

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