Benefits Of Colon Cleansing: All You Want To Know

Posted by Leslie Dillingham on Thursday 29 April 2010

Why is colon cleansing promoted by so many people? Are there really benefits of colon cleansing? Yes, there are. Read on.

This doctor treated many people who suffered from constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, discomfort, and nausea. Some of them were also diagnosed with colon cancer. These ailments were frequent maladies and he started to advise them to take more fruits and less processed food. Through process of time, people began to have less and less of these common ailments and through further education, they discovered they were having regular bowel movements. These regular passing out of stools were in fact cleaning out their colon from all the food that could not be digested.

One way to get rid of all these toxins is to clean out the colon. How? Well, there are three methods but discuss with your health practitioner first before you go for it.

The herbal procedure works by consuming natural herbs either in capsules or organically for several weeks. The herbs act as a killer of parasites and worms which are found in the colon. The herbs may also act as laxatives and there is a higher than normal frequency of bowel movement. There is a bigger loss of water than usual. To counter this loss, drink lots of water. Liquid colon cleansing makes use of a liquid diet. This diet may last for a week or more. There should be no solid food consumed during this period. This liquid diet contains supplements which helps to supply the overall nutrients to the body.

During this period, hunger pangs may set in but try to stick to the program for a week. Again, expect a high number of nature calls. Hydrotherapy colon cleansing is different from the other two methods. It uses a tube inserted into the rectum and a warm liquid is gently pumped into the colon.

The third program is hydrotherapy. This treatment must be continuous for five to seven times. A technician will insert a tube into the rectum and gently pumps in a warm liquid into the colon. This process induces a movement in the colon. Another tube is used for collecting the fecal matter that is flushed out into a waste container. People can send this waste for examination.

For colon cleansing, there is always the danger of dehydration. Because of the treatment, a high frequency of bowel movement is expected and water loss is higher than normal. So please drink lots of water. Also, for senior folks, try not to travel during this period of colon cleansing. Wash rooms may not be easily accessible.

The benefits of colon cleansing are many. Weight loss, healthier skin, more energy, better concentration, and an overall feeling of lightness in the gut were given by people who chose to do the procedure.

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