Can I trust the colon cleanse and acai berry?

Posted by admin on Thursday 18 February 2010

I want to lose weight fast, I mean who doesn’t, but I don’t know if I should trust the colon cleanse acai berry thing. I know it was on oprah.

Trust neither.
Acai berry will not aid weight loss. There are more antioxidants in fresh berries bought locally. Antioxidants do nothing to help weight loss.

The colon is self cleansing. It does not have (quote from link above) " all of this trapped in your colon, you are literally poisoning yourself little by little every day" That is 100% rubbish.

Anyone interested in detoxifying their body might think about paying a little more attention to their body and less attention to the people trying to get their money. The body already has nature’s most effective detoxification system. It’s called the liver.

Colon cleansing can cause a dangerous loss of water and electrolytes, which can lead to dehydration and even abnormal heart rhythms.


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