Choose The Colon Cleansing Methods Which Suit You The Best

Posted by Ezra Rogers on Thursday 27 May 2010

Colon cleansing treatments are becoming popular today as a means to improve overall wellness as well as to fight specific health problems. These include constipation as well as weight gain.There are many different colon cleansing methods to cleanse the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy is one of them. Colon hydrotherapy involves using warm, filtered water and gently fusing it into the colon via the anus. This is done through a disposable plastic tube. This colon cleanse treatment should be performed only by a certified or a licensed professional. This process cleanses the large intestine only. Always ensure that the instrument used is FDA cleared in order to ensure sanitary conditions.

Colon hydrotherapy can be used in conjunction with an oxygen-based cleanser in order to rid the body of toxins in both the small as well as the large intestine. This is also known as a “colenema.” Other colon cleansing methods include the use of Enemas in order to relieve constipation. A small amount of water, is inserted into the rectum though the anus in order to clear the bowel. But this process is effective only for loosening the fecal matter which is present in the lower portion of the intestine.

Enemas are generally used only in the acute cases of constipation. In fact, enemas are quite awkward or uncomfortable for some people as a tube is inserted into your anus, which is bound to make many people uneasy.Laxatives are used to treat temporary constipation, and these are taken orally. They help to soften stool and also cause a contraction of the intestinal muscles resulting in a bowel movement. Laxatives are quite effective for occasional constipation. But they are not meant for chronic conditions, as they are not able to remove the impacted fecal matter from the intestinal walls. Besides, laxatives can cause dehydration too, besides discomfort as well as intestinal cramping.

Colon cleansing naturally can be done by using herbal cleansers which contain psyllium. This causes the volume of the stool to increase which, in turn, causes the colon to contract. These are inexpensive and help in short-term constipation. But these herbal cleansers are not effective in removing the impacted feces from the colon, but just help to alleviate discomfort, thus the problem may reoccur.

Another effective method for cleansing colon is using oxygen-based colon cleansers, which can be taken orally in capsule form. Activated oxygen is used in order to remove impacted fecal matter naturally. Besides helping in relieving constipation, they can be used to maintain and rejuvenate the colon, long-term.

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