Colon Cleansing Diet Before Colonoscopy

Posted by admin on Tuesday 11 August 2009

Colonoscopy screening is a recommended procedure for those over the age of fifty that screens for colon cancer or other abnormalities. If youve had bleeding from the rectum, a relative with colon cancer, or other health condition that could indicate possible colon problems, a colonoscopy may be recommended even earlier.

In order to prepare for this procedure, its necessary that you follow a diet that will aid in cleaning out your bowels. The foods, beverages and medications we ingest can affect the way the colon looks, altering the accuracy of a colonoscopy. A colon cleansing diet can help you be best prepared for this procedure.

Homemade Colon Cleansing Diet

A homemade colon cleansing diet can help you completely eliminate the contents of your colon. Foods rich in fiber and lots of pure water are the primary staples youll need to focus on. High fiber foods and lots of water will help you easily eliminate the contents of your colon.

* Drink filtered or purified water. Use a filtration system that can be attached to your sink or a filtration pitcher to purify your water. Alternatively, you can purchase bottled purified water, although this may be more costly.
* Eat a variety of vegetables. Organic vegetables are preferred because non-organic foods could contain toxins from pesticides. Most vegetables contain fiber, but dark, leafy green vegetables are those with the highest fiber content. Try broccoli, lettuce and squash.
* Choose high fiber fruits. Again, choosing organic is the preferred option. Apples, oranges and berries are particularly high in fiber.
* Try a juice cleanse. If you choose, you can modify this colon cleansing diet by substituting whole, fresh fruit juices in place of fruits.

A homemade colon cleansing diet can be followed for about three days. Your regular diet should be incorporated gradually, to avoid shocking your system and causing gastrointestinal upset.

Following a colon cleansing diet before a colonoscopy benefits you by allowing your provider to achieve the most accurate results from the procedure. In addition, youll experience many pleasing side effects from following a colon cleansing diet. Your skin will look clear and healthy and youll find yourself with more energy. Youll be free of constipation, aches and pains and you may even experience weight loss.

At Megavista Health, we focus on positive, holistic health and nutrition. Learn about the many benefits you can experience from a colon cleansing diet!

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