Colon Cleansing Diets For Weight Loss And Detoxification

Posted by Ezra Rogers on Friday 28 May 2010

Colon cleansing diets are for those who wish to lose a few pounds as well as detox at the same time. Many such diets are there which can help you to do just that.The Model Detox Diet is usually the one experienced by models who wish to do dieting, but are also serious about keeping their complexions fresh as well as beautiful. This is a simple plan which will help you to lose weight but provides you all the nutrients in order to keep your body looking stunning. In this diet, the emphasis is on organic fruits and vegetables. Besides, small portions as well as a healthy varied diet. In fact, you can even integrate this into your diet over the long term as well.

Juice Cleanse is a diet of just drinking juice for many days. Basically, this colon cleanse formula is not as difficult as it sounds. The good part is that your body will be blasted with vitamins and minerals. Besides, your intake of so much of extra water will help to detox your body super-fast. And in case you are able to stick to this diet, the pounds too will drop off very fast. And combining this kind of a diet with colon cleansing will be highly effective in giving your body a real cleanout.

Other colon cleansing diets include Master Cleanse, which is much more than just a diet plan. The drinks contain a unique combination of ingredients. Besides, the salt water flush as well as the herbal teas helps to clear the toxins out of the system in order to give your body a fresh start.

But this cleansing diet is only effective in giving short-term results. Besides, it is also a very tough diet to follow for a long period of time. Thus it is not really a sustainable diet.It makes sense to combine such kind of a diet with a healthy colon cleanse. This will help you to get rid of these toxins so that you may feel lighter, full of energy as well as look great too.

A fat flush can have a great detoxing effect on the liver.It is a good weight loss plan that is able to provide you with all the nutrition that you will need. This is a diet that involves consuming small amounts of “good” fats, carbohydrates as well as proteins. You need to take it for approximately 4 weeks and then move on to some long term lifestyle changes.

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