Colon Cleansing Formula Professional Extract by L.A. Naturals

Posted by admin on Tuesday 31 March 2009

Colon Cleansing Formula Professional Extract by L.A. Naturals

L.A. Naturals Professional Strength Botanicals Only the finest organically gorwn, ethically wildcrafted, or selectively imported herbs are used to produce L.A. Naturals high quality, professional strength botanical and herbal extracts. These herbs are gathered by skilled harvesters with sensitivity to the environment, only at the peak of their potency. L.A. Naturals spares no expense in obtaining the best herbs. Uncompromising Quality L.A. Naturals herbs are extracted in an FDA-registered facility that follows current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMPs). Careful adherence to cGMPs promotes cleanliness, uniformity and potency. This attention to detail and consistency of the manufacturing process creates unsurpassed quality control. This high level of scientific achievement is a standard L.A. Naturals is proud to put their name on. Certified Organic Sourced Herbs Most of the herbs used are certified organic from medicinal herb farms. Even the popular Chinese herbs are tested for over 300 pesticides to ensure purity. Ethically Wild-harvested Herbals L.A. Naturals wild herbs are sensitively harvested to ensure a renewable resource. Threatened plants such as wild Echinacea, Goldenseal and Ginseng are organically grown. Local/Independent Growers Support L.A. Naturals support hands-on medicinal herb farms, form Resting in the River Farm, a 60-acre organic/biodynamic farm in New Mexico to other family farms across the US. Full Spectrum Extracts Only the full biochemical spectrums of the active plant parts are used in L.A. Naturals extracts. Available size: 1 oz

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