Colon Cleansing Herbs Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Diet

Posted by Ezra Rogers on Friday 28 May 2010

The colon tends to gets clogged up with parasites as well as fecal matter due to two reasons mainly. One of them is wrong eating habits and the other is exposure to toxins in food, water, as well as air. The liver is not able to dispose off all this toxic waste which then, ends up in the bloodstream. Not only this, nutrients are not able to reach the bloodstream in case the colon is blocked. Thus, in order to get our health back, we need to clean our colons. Colon cleansing herbs are available in various forms. These include capsules, teas, pills, soup, as well as in their natural state.

You need to do colon cleansing naturally in case you have any symptoms such as tiredness in the afternoon, headache, or backache. Using herbs for cleansing colon will be helpful if you suffer from allergies, food cravings, or have bad breath or insomnia. You need to do this if you suffer from depression, indigestion, irritability or are overweight and have skin problems. Use colon cleansing herbs in case of water retention, bad memory, menstrual pains or asthma as well as tension.

There are various herbs which can be used for this cleansing. Aloe Vera is well-known as a natural laxative. It is able to relieve bowel irritation as well as constipation. Artichoke is another herb which helps in protecting the liver against toxins as well as infection. It can stimulate bile secretion and helps to reduce abdominal distension.

Barberry Bark is another colon cleaning herb. It is a bitter tonic which has mild laxative effects which aid in bile flow. Black Radish can treat constipation which is caused by liver dysfunction. It helps to increase the production of bile as well as improves the intestinal contraction as well as relaxation. Buchu is helpful in reducing colon inflammation as well as bloating during menstruation.Other colon cleansing herbs include Burdock Root which improve bile production as well as increases the digestive juices. It helps to purify the blood and acts as a diuretic too. Cascara Sagrada is able to restore intestinal tonus and hence cure constipation.

Cayenne Peppers are the other cleansing herbs which help to get rid of waste through sweat, and thus act as a blood purifier. Dandelion helps to stimulate the flow of bile from the urea tract, and this way it helps to clean the blood. It also supports the liver function as well as reduces eczema. Fennel is normally used in the form of tea and it acts as a natural laxative. It helps to relieve flatulence as well as colic. It maintains stasis and tone, as well as sterilizes the gastrointestinal tract.

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