Colon Cleansing, Out With The Bad In With The Good.

Posted by Robert Jefferson on Wednesday 28 April 2010

I highly recommend that you consider colon cleansing, but before you choose a product you must first recognize the importance of your stomach’s enzyme levels. All raw foods have enzymes in them. Cooking and processing kills these enzymes and adds to the amount of build up in your colon.

The biggest problem we face today as far as nutrition is concerned is not only do we eat highly processed foods, the fresh foods we do eat are not straight off the vine and these enzymes have depleted some of the nutrient levels.

A major contributor to the built up of toxins in our colon is that many of the foods we eat and things we drink tend to put our bodies PH levels in the acidic range. What this does is help to kill off the natural enzyme levels in our digestive system. All of this adds up then it comes to the amount of build up in your colon.

What happens when your colon is full of built up toxins is that unwanted organisms that feed on the undigested foods overwhelm the good organisms in your digestive tract. Many colons cleansing products only address the detoxifying parts of colon cleansing. To keep your system health you must also address the living organisms in your digestive tract.

A good colon cleansing product will address both concerns with ingredients like Worm Seed that kills off unwanted organisms that live in your stomach while sparing the digestion al flora that promotes proper bodily functions.

The PH leaves of your digestion al tract regulates which organisms dominate your digestive system. Garlic Extract promotes digestion al flora by establishing proper ph levels. This is important because the unwanted organisms thrive in the ph ranges where there are undigested foods in your system. Garlic extracts are also very good for your immune system for basically the same reasons.

Slippery Elm is an ingredient essential for balancing your stomachs ph level. What it does is promote the secretion of mucous fluid. It’s this fluid that all the good orgasms and enzymes thrive in.

When your system is in balance and working properly your body is receiving all the nutrients that it needs to function, and helping you live a happier life.

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