Colon Cleansing Treatments Which Are Refreshing And Relaxing

Posted by Ezra Rogers on Friday 28 May 2010

There are many benefits of colon cleansing treatments such as colonic irrigation by using colon hydrotherapy. The new colon therapy equipment being used today has made this treatment much safer than using the common enema. While enema can reach the rectum as well as the lower part of the colon only, whereas colon hydrotherapy reaches the entire length of the colon. Colon hydrotherapy is thus, many more times effective.

The modern colon hydrotherapy sessions of today are both refreshing as well as relaxing. In fact, a professional colon therapist can cleanse the full length of the colon. Anybody who has diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease should not opt for this treatment. People diagnosed with severe hemorrhoids or rectal or intestinal tumors, should consult their physician before opting for such colon cleansing treatments. Any colon hydrotherapy which is professionally administered is safe, and in case you do not suffer from any of the above cited conditions, there is no need of a medical examination prior to this cleansing therapy.

Since the modern colon hydrotherapy machines make use of pre-sterilized, disposable hoses as well as speculums, hence there is absolutely no danger of contamination. The complete treatment time is only about 45 minutes, and a menstrual period is also a good time to receive a treatment, as the body is already cleansing. Besides, the menstrual flow will not interfere with the success of this treatment.In order to prepare for colon hydrotherapy cleansing, it is best to refrain from eating just before the cleansing. Besides, it is advisable to be as relaxed as possible besides maintaining a positive as well as a cheerful attitude.

Though there is no kind of intestinal discomfort or fatigue after such colon cleansing treatments, but since a lot of old debris as well as toxins will get stirred up, there may be some minor nausea or fatigue. In case of any discomfort, rest is recommended besides applying a warm heating pad on the abdomen. A mild vegetable broth or a cup of peppermint tea is quite soothing and any such discomfort usually passes within 24 hours.

It is recommended to take acidophilus after cleansing the colon since it helps to improve the balance of bacteria in the colon. And it is possible to work directly after a colon hydrotherapy session, just like you would after any regular bowel movement.The effectiveness of any colon cleanser varies greatly and is highly dependent on preexisting colon health as well as the amount of water being consumed on a daily basis.

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