Colon Cleansing with enema a matter of life or death

Posted by admin on Thursday 22 October 2009 Pastor Strawcutter explains in quick simple terms, the value of colon hydrotherapy. Your body hydrates from the colon and if that water is toxic, as it most likely is, you will feel sick. 1-888-820-2126 (Not affiliated with Young Living Essential Oils LC)

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18 Responses to “Colon Cleansing with enema a matter of life or death”

  1. fleurdelaurier

    is sea salt water … is sea salt water flus the same as an enema…???thanks doctor

  2. juliemulie345

    Thanks! Thanks!

  3. pastorstraw

    Room temp works … Room temp works well. It tends to stimulate bowel action and contraction. You might also try brewing some organic coffee and cutting it 50/50 with distilled water. This will often stimulate some real releases of impacted feces.

  4. bobbyd7314

    what temp. should … what temp. should the water be?

  5. Blackheartlov

    Thanks, for … Thanks, for information…….♥

  6. soisitok

    Go to any drug … Go to any drug store, they are in the feminine department. It’s called a water bottle/douch/ enema kit.

  7. soisitok

    Hi, Gellegbs, I … Hi, Gellegbs, I must agree with you. I, myself must say that I have the same type of proublems, an an enema everyday seems to work, thank you.

  8. vidzzqueen

    where can i buy … where can i buy this enema cleansing bag??

  9. pastorstraw

    municipal water … municipal water supplies commonly use clorine to kill bacteria. That Clorine will also kill good bacteria in your large intestine. Additionally, chlorine is a carcinogin. If you live where you have a private well, and trust your water, then there may be no problem. But, city chlorinated water is not a good idea. I wish you and your daughter well.

  10. gellegbs

    my daughter has a … my daughter has a M.A.C.E. which is an opening into her intestines where I inject tap water to flush her out once a day. It’s how she does #2 since she is unable to herself. The resident Urologist at he hospital and her Pediatric Urologist’s nurse said use tap water for her “injections”. I never heard of the water being harmful.

  11. ColonCleaning

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  12. rmsolympic1

    Thanks for this … Thanks for this video; it was pretty direct and informative: and helpful.

  13. jamaicanlager

    This is sensible. … This is sensible. You can do this yourself.

  14. aikeelicious

    cleansing enema? cleansing enema?

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