Colon Cleasing – Detox and You Can Lose Weight

Posted by Trisha Haworth on Tuesday 13 April 2010

Detoxifying your body is a very healthy thing to do and not many people do it because they don’t know much about it. When you decide to do a colon cleansing detox, you are getting rid of unhealthy toxins stored up in your colon.

Some people do it to the extreme and that could make you sick so its best to go with a detoxifying program. There are some important tips to do when you are clearing your body of these toxins.

Tip #1

You must drink lots of water, because it really doesn’t matter what diet you pick, having water is important. Most doctors say you need at least 8oz. of water a day. While keeping that in your mind, its important to not start this if you are going on a vacation, this is because you will be using the bathroom a lot. Its all part of it.

Tip #2

You must eat food items that contain fiber. This helps with your digestive system and cleaning it out. There are also high-fiber juices available that you can have for the juice diet.

This tip might be a little hard, but you need to avoid getting foods that are processed. Those foods contain white flour and sugar. These are considered unhealthy.

Getting plenty of vegetables and fruits while you are doing a colon cleansing detox is very healthy for you. Having lots of salad and blackberries are two things that will really help.

When your starting your diet always remember that even though you’re probably not going to like all these cut backs on some foods just know that in this day and age there are more varieties. Also you could do research on this too.

Tip #3

One mistake that people make is not exercising. This is important because it will help get those toxins out faster, so if you don’t the process is slower. The great thing with this is you can also lose weight.

Before you decide on either a program or a diet, you should go over it with your doctor. They will be able to help give you guidance and direction on what you should and should not do. If you are pregnant or on medications, don’t do a colon cleansing detox without the help of your doctor.

Do you feel as good as you want to? Have you tried almost everything and still can’t get it to work?

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