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Posted by Art Barron on Tuesday 12 January 2010

[I:]Not a huge amount of people are familiar with colon health, which is too bad because colon health plays a big role in our daily lives. If our colon is not healthy, then we aren’t correctly dumping the waste that’s in our body. These things should be eliminated for a reason, and when they remain inside far longer than they should, then issues arise.

With that in mind , here are things you need to know about colon health.

1. Signals of a healthy colon.

The colon, when uncurled from the abdominal area, essentially stretches out to 5 feet long. But you don’t need to take it out to see if your colon is healthy ; signs can essentially be seen from the outside. Some indicators are blemish-free skin, mild-smelling breath, regular bowel movement, big bowel movement in the morning and smaller bowel movement in the day, easy expulsion of stool, no mucous, partly digested, or blood in the stools.

2. The elimination test.

Of course, you can’t always be certain that even if you’ve got the indicators above it suggests that your colon is healthy. You can also test your elimination time or how long it takes for you to digest your food and excrete the undigested parts. And the simplest way to check this is thru beets.

Prepare fresh beets ( preferably fermented ) and make sure you eat the entire vegetable and not just the juice. Note the time of the day when you ate the beets. Look at your stool and check for the red pigment coming from the beets. An ordinary elimination time is between 18 to 24 hours after you ate them.

3. Bowel cancer is a preventable disease.

That’s right. Colon cancer is something you can basically stop, especially if you have yourself go through a colon screening continually. And when you’re above fifty years old, it becomes more important that you have yourself put through a colon screening.

4. Not everything is eliminated.

It’s not an especially encouraging thought but not everything we need to get rid of actually goes out of our body. A few of these wastes remain in our colon. Our colon can only do so much work, and if there’s too many of these poisons to get shot of, chances are, not everything will be gone.

This basically leads to a rather self-perpetuating cycle because with these waste amassing inside our body, our colon has to work harder. Ultimately, it might fail to perform at its best. When the colon is affected, the remainder of the organs in the gut are influenced too like the kidney and the liver.

5. Colon cleaning helps your colons get shot of toxins.

The postulate of a colon cleanse is straightforward, to go in and lose all the unwelcome toxins that have accidentally amassed inside your body, that way the organs are not exposed to the risks of non-eliminated waste, and the colon does not need to work twice as hard in maintaining good health.

It is clear that our colon could still use our help, and isn’t it our responsibility to make sure that we take better care of our bodies? Learn how you can maintain your perfect colon health today.

Help your body.

Think of the things that you will be able to do with a healthy gut and a clean body. It’s time to take our role in maintaining our colon health.

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