I just want to detox naturally but i have read some adverse feedback against some colon cleansers.

"Colon Cleansers" have been debunked as a myth. The icky evacuation they cause, claimed to be the "gunk lining your colon" is actually caused by the so called "cure" and is not in you.

Your body "detoxes" itself constantly. Drinking lots of water will do NOTHING to speed the process, despite what some fools believe.


To detox naturally, start with a magnesium citrate laxitive to help clear and serious blockages. Then, just follow this up with a healthy diet with plenty of fiber. Eat rasin bran, cheerios, oatmeal and other whole grain cereals for breakfast.
Make sure lunch and dinner are balanced meals. snack on fruits and veggies. Drink fruit juices and teas and avoid soda and coffee. Alcohol should be avoided while detoxing. Taking a good multi-vitamin helps.

I’ve used cleansing teas and things will come out of your body. Do a tea cleanse once a week, it’s very gentle, you aren’t on the toilet all day. There is no need to buy fancy and/or expensive preparations. Detox tea availible on your supermarket shelf at a reasonable price. It contains basically the same stuff you’d get from a chinese herbalist or holistic practitioner.

Good Luck :-)

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