Natural Detox For Women – How Does It Work?

Posted by Monica Limpasas on Thursday 18 February 2010

A natural detox method such as “colon cleansing” is the process of removing accumulated waste, chemicals, and other toxins from your body by following a specific dietary regimen. Practiced for many years, natural ingredients and fluids are used to flush out and restore the digestive system to its full effectiveness. This becomes increasingly important, as in today’s world we’re faced with a constant barrage of foods containing dangerous transfats, pesticides, animal antibiotics and hormones, and a slew of other unhealthy elements that our bodies may have trouble disposing of normally.

Feeling sluggish? Low energy levels or sex drive? Unable to keep the weight off? Is your body just feeling generally out of balance? Some of these symptoms may sound familiar to you. The stressful and harried pace of life, most likely coupled with a daily diet negligent in key nutritional elements, all conspire over time to gum up the works, so to speak. Because it’s such a gradual process, most women don’t realize what’s happening until something significant happens to them.

Accordingly, some natural detox methods may be the best thing in store for you. When you stop to compare the different products, you’ll probably notice some similarities in how they can benefit you:

1. Natural ingredients, used in conjunction with lots of water, are typically used to stimulate the user’s bowel movements. This helps cleanse the colon and carry off more of the toxic waste that has accumulated there. More frequent movements help remove more excess waste.

2. Improve your digestive tract’s functions and balance your blood sugar. Some cleansers promote the propagation of good bacteria or “flora” in your digestive tract. These probiotics aid the digestive process in breaking down your food more effectively. Some cleansers also contain ingredients that can help you regulate your blood glucose levels. This is essential to maintaining appropriate bodyweight and overall good health.

3. Increase your energy levels by improving your metabolic rate. A higher metabolism burns more calories, and more calories burned translates into some degree of weight loss. As your body burns more of its fat calories, you will benefit from an increase in available energy.

4. Reset your body’s glands to their optimal levels. Glands secrete important hormones that control virtually every aspect of your body’s functions – mood, muscle development, fat regulation, energy levels, sex drive, and even aging. All the toxic substances we consume and inadvertently store in our bodies ends up restricting our glands’ ability to function properly. The best natural detox methods help clear these inhibitors away.

As with any temporary and exceptional diet regimen, most women can expect to experience a few minor side effects while this natural cleansing process takes place. You may experience slightly lower energy levels at first while your system adjusts to the new regimen. Be prepared, also, to visit the bathroom a little more often as your bowel movements increase in frequency. (Make sure you remain well hydrated during this period.) After only a few days of detoxification, though, many positive changes in your well-being will become more apparent.

If you feel like you need to do something to restore your body’s holistic balance, there are many natural detox methods available for you to choose from. (Remember, though, to consult with your own doctor before pursuing any detoxification program.) If you select – and stick to – the right regimen, you’ll truly enjoy the new lease on life your newfound vitality will afford you.

Author Monica Limpasas looked at natural detox for women and explains in this article how those colon-cleansing products and methods actually work. Also, click here for her recommended links to the best natural detox for women products and methods she uncovered!

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