I want to try the acai pills fad to lose some extra weight but do you have to use a colon cleanse for it to work?

Acai is just another fruit. You might as well take banana pills.

And colon cleansers are for constipation.

7 Responses to “Do acai pills work effectively without a colon cleanse to lose 5 – 10 pounds?”

  1. Gym Jock

    They don’t work any more or less than any of the other fad "Super Foods" from the past few years – Macca, Goji Berries, etc…

    And are you serious about a colon cleanse? Let me tell you, from what I heard that’s anything but fun my friend… Dr. Oz was talking about those last week and he said they’re a waste of time. Up the amount of fibre you’re eating and it will have exactly the same effect and you won’t spend all evening on the toilet crying from the pain.References :

  2. Flizbap

    Acai is just another fruit. You might as well take banana pills.

    And colon cleansers are for constipation.References :

  3. Sam

    It works better when used with a colon cleanse like, bromalite. Bromalite is a natural colon cleanse. It helps to get rid of parasites in the colon,
    You can of course lose weight.References :

  4. Jessy

    There is no reason why acai berry will promote weight loss. Don’t believe any of these claims.

    Check this out for more: :

  5. Victor Tenholder

    That was a really thoughtful post, thanks so much!

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