A table spoon of olive oil FIRST THING in the morning. Works 100%.

9 Responses to “does anyone know of any cheap natural ways to cleanse your colon, a home remedie or some herbs perhaps?”

  1. chieromancer

    Just take psyllium aka metamucil. Start with one tablespoon a day, up to 4 a day with lots of water.References :

  2. wreid75034

    Saline Laxitive. Take one and dont eat solids, for 24 hours. Take the second one 12 hours after the first. I ahd to do this for my Colonostomy.References :

  3. Emanuela V

    A table spoon of olive oil FIRST THING in the morning. Works 100%.References :

  4. rjshank99

    Shaklee Company has a product of herbs that is supposed to help, and is probably one of the least expensive. I think it’s called Herb-lax. It’s not a laxative per se, but the FDA requires that sort of labeling.
    It’s hard to find a "cheap" way to recover our health. The cheapest ways take the longest. To permanently cleanse your colon, the best way is to change what you are eating; eat more "live" foods, and acquire the needed good bacteria to inhabit and keep it clean for you. When your colon gets clean, so will your liver.References : http://www.thecandidayeastanswer.com
    The Body Ecology Diet; Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity, by Donna Gates

  5. downinahole87

    Flax seeds. They are all natural cheap as hell and you can get tham at whole foods, sprouts, etc. Boil them until they are all gooey, then put them in your favorite milkshake. They form this all natural gluey substance that pulls stuff off of the walls of your colon. two days after taking this stuff you will take a MASSIVE dump and you will see some really weird stuff that has been stuck up there for years. It is really good for you and it also cures constipation. and helps prevent colon cancer!! and it’s yummy too!References :

  6. cjhuey

    GNC has some great products. I find that the liquids work a lot better than anything else.References :

  7. minx

    2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (just white vinegar if you have to) in an inch of hot water. Mix 1/2 teaspoon baking soda an let it fizz right up then fill cup with warm water. Drink up Freddy !!! This will clear excess mucous and acid from your system, detoxifying it. The relief is humongous !!! You will be bouncing around like a bean in no time !!! Also by doing it every day 1/2 hour before meals you will aid the production of hydrochloric acid production in your stomach.

    PEACE & LOVE & ALL THATReferences :

  8. Paula F

    The safest and most effective way is to get organic psyllium husk at your local health food store. Take as directed on the package and be sure to consume enough water throughout the day.References :

  9. aspirit

    The cheapest way I know to cleanse the colon is by doing an enema. There are herbal laxatives available but they don’t remove the large undigested foods. Why do you feel the need for a colon cleanse?References :

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