Eliminating Fears & Misconceptions About Colonic Irrigation

Posted by admin on Monday 8 June 2009

It smells, It hurts, I’ll be embarrassed and exposed… Newbies always have that dear in headlights look. Then after, express their disappointment that they hadn’t tried it sooner. Too many people let their fears and common misconceptions about colon hydrotherapy keep them from trying it for themselves.

Dr. Birchall addresses some of the common misconceptions about colonics like:

…It smells
…They hurt
…It is messy or gross in some way
…That they will be embarrassed or exposed
…That they will be running for the bathroom all day

Hopefully you will find this video both informative and mildly entertaining – Or at least as much as possible given the subject matter.

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Duration : 0:7:54

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