Fiber Rich Diet And Colon Cleansing For Effective Constipation Remedy

Posted by Honey Green on Tuesday 8 June 2010

If you have regular bouts of frustration with constipation and are always seeking for constipation remedy, here are the two-fold methods that you should consider in order to keep your constipation problem at bay.

Cleaning Out Your Digestive System

So, if you are already searching for constipation cure that means you already have some problems with backed up waste in your colon system. If this is the case, you surely need to get all that waste clinging to the walls of your colon cleared out before you worry about how to make things more smoothly in the future. It may be time to consider a constipation cure method that many of us use – colon cleansing.

Colon Cleansing is where you actually clean out the colon system. To do this, there are two things you must be aware about. Some people go in to a medical office and have a colonic done, which uses a water solution to flush away any packed up waste out of the colon, however, this only accomplishes half of the job. If you have waste further up in your digestive system, you would not be able to get that out with a colonic irrigation. Instead you will need to take an oral colon cleanser that would flush out all of the waste from the top down. This is a great method to truly clean out your system and have it ready to be taken care of.

Keeping Your Colon Clean

The next thing you need to do is to work towards having a body that does not need constipation treatment. This means you need to switch to a fiber rich diet. Fiber, typically, acts as a cleaner to your digestive tract and intestine. When you have foods that are rich in fiber, the fiber content of those foods you consumed becomes waste that would also act like a natural cleaner, passing easily through your colon and scooping up any other lost particles with it. You should try to have around 30 grams of fiber if you wish to have optimal digestive health. This means packing your diet with foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Seeds, nuts and beans as well fit in this category.

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