Healthy Eating & Nutrition Tips : Lemon Juice Colon Cleanse

Posted by admin on Sunday 23 August 2009

There are many colon cleanse options, and the lemon juice method is one that can be done at home with warm water and a lemon. Get rid of the impurities in the body with help from a certified health counselor and nutrition consultant in this free video on colon cleanses.

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7 Responses to “Healthy Eating & Nutrition Tips : Lemon Juice Colon Cleanse”

  1. jonannynanny

    So this is only … So this is only done once a day, in the morning?

  2. marlorodo

    Depends on you. … Depends on you. But the lemon cleanse is really good. You can also have the enemas if you want to. Depends on you.

  3. menderfire9

    Sounds too good to … Sounds too good to be true! Does this mean that the actual water enema colon cleanse is unnecessary? Anybody out there know the answer?

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  7. Shailesh Badami

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