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Posted by Kit Arganbright on Tuesday 1 December 2009

Three months ago, I was advised by my doctor to try CleanseProx. I consulted her about my nauseas everyday, especially in the morning, and my weight. It started after I have given birth to my second child, which was five years ago. So, its was five years, five years of being at least 25 pounds overweight and having serious headaches. For those mothers who have had babies, I’m pretty sure you know how it is so hard to get back in shape.

Every weekend, I would meet some friends to have dinner or lunch, and boy, all of them are oh so looking great… except me. Of course, I was motivated to lose weight, so I had myself enrolled in a gym.. but I just couldn’t keep it going. There came a time that I’d rather sleep than go out and exercise.

One of my friends mentioned that I should try CleanseProX. I had no idea what it was. She told me that it is a colon cleansing product to help me get rid of excess waste in my gut. I couldn’t believe that there was such a thing. She explained that sometimes undigested food gets stuck in one’s gut and cannot get out. In that case, the sludge causes sort of a toxic build up, making you tired and basically overweight.

I wasn’t actually convinced about what my friend told me. I literally let it pass and continued to do what I’ve been doing with my life.. same eating habits and yes, I still tried to exercise once again. But I just couldn’t commit to keep it going. My energy was so low and I was so tired even when meeting friends. It stayed home while my other girl friends are out showing off their good looking body.

I then decided to consult a doctor. And guess what! She recommended CleanseProX, the colon cleansing product that my friend told me about. I was also advised to change my eating habits, less processed foods and more natural ones. She also suggested to go out for a walk instead if I can’t keep it going in the gym.

I was motivated to try really harder to lose weight. Tried the cleanser, went out for a walk at least three times a week, and went on a better diet. Then I started to lose weight. In fact, I’ve lost 8 pounds in just three weeks. That made me more motivated to keep doing what I do. Alas, I’ve found a solution that can really do something to improve the quality of my life.

So, it’s really something for anyone to check out CleanseProX. It is not only a colon cleansing product, but it can also burn fat and possibly help prevent colon cancer. Find out the top bowel cleansers in this great review at

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