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Posted by William Wallace on Saturday 26 December 2009

With countless celebrities and health professionals speaking out about the benefits of colon cleansing, the topic has received lots of attention recently. But lots of people are hesitant to explore the treatment. They are concerned about safety, and unsure of what method they should use. Many questions arise. Is colon cleansing truly beneficial? Are there harmful side effects? What method is best? Do you need a professional, should you use a home enema, or is an herbal colon cleanse the best option?

Proper colon cleansing is very safe and extremely effective. Do you sometimes feel fatigued, vaguely sick and generally stopped up? Because of improper diets that include too much fat, too much sugar, and too many unnatural ingredients, many people have years and years of toxins built up in their bodies. A colon cleans can get rid of these toxins, leaving you feeling ten times better.

Although you may experience some initial unpleasant effects, such as vague nausea or dizziness, these are simply the results of the toxins leaving your body. Once the process is complete, you should feel lighter and healthier inside, as well as experiencing increased clarity of thought. So, with the question of safety addressed and the reasons for cleansing established, what is the best way to go about it?

A hydrotherapy professional is trained and has access to advanced equipment. Because of this, however, hydrotherapy centers charge quite a bit. Also, some people are also turned off by the idea of a stranger administering this type of treatment.

Home enemas are appealing for the reason that they can be administered in private and cost much less than going to a hydrotherapy center. People have been using them for such a long time that knowing about this method has made people comfortable with using this remedy. However, if the equipment is not used properly or not properly sterilized, there is a risk of infection.

Herbal colon cleanse supplements provide a good solution for those skittish about other methods but who want the benefits of colon cleansing. They can be taken in private, just like home enemas, but since there is no equipment involved there is no risk of improper sterilization. There are different brands to choose from. These remedies work with and enhance the natural processes of your body, and there is no uncomfortable equipment to work with.

While professional hydrotherapy or home enemas are the right solutions for some people, an herbal colon cleanse may be a better, more gentle solution for you. Consult with your doctor though, since many herbs can trigger allergies or counteract with other medications you are taking.

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