Try to eat food high in fiber (25-35 grams a day). This will ensure a bowel movement everyday. A change of diet is recommended if a person wants to move the bowel every single day. Bowel Movement is a waste product of the body. Health food stores is the best place to find these remedies.

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  1. bored housewife

    go to anby vitamin store like the vitamin shoppe or vitamin world. they have detox kits.References :

  2. my_mas0n

    try cod liver oil.References :

  3. mooglebugle

    brew some coffee, let it cool, put it in a plastic bottle and squeeze it you know where, via a plastic tube

    very cleansing and invigorating

    initially rather messy thoughReferences :

  4. can'tgo55

    A health food store carries many different items to cleanse the colon. If you don’t care to purchase a "kit", something I have used in the past that works well is called "Triphala". It’s sold under the brand "Planetary Formulas". It is made from Indian herbal fruits and supports the body’s own natural cleansing process. The company also sells a product called "Tri-Cleanse". To keep regular I put flax seeds in my foods.References :

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  6. Vitamins

    Vitamins are Awesome!

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