How do you cleanse your colon the natural way?

Posted by admin on Monday 5 October 2009

Eat fruits and veggies and drink water.

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  1. J

    Eat fruits and veggies and drink water.References :

  2. TeKe

    Poop till it hurtsReferences :

  3. Freedom of Speech Forever

    Sounds like you heard about the pending class action of Fleet products, just eat your fiber and drink lots of water.References :

  4. 20 Year Nurse

    This silliness about people thinking that they all need to ‘cleanse’ their colons is just that…..silliness. Its just a phase that will pass soon.
    The only thing your gut needs is for you to eat right and poop everyday. That alone will keep you healthy.References :

  5. Katie W

    Eat healthfully, especially with lots of natural fiber (whole grains, vegetables, fruits).

    Your colon doesn’t need "cleansing". If you get a rise out of enemas, go ahead; but the only actual benefits are:

    1) relief of constipation (useless if you’re NOT constipated)

    2) a turn on, if you’re kinky.

    Enemas can actually be bad for you; you absorb a lot of nutrients through your intestines. If you flush out food too quickly, you may not be getting enough nutrients, especially if you aren’t eating properly in the first place. And if you’re eating properly in the first place, you generally have no use at all for enemas.References :

  6. aamh05

    Eat plenty of fiber which includes fruits and vegetables, also plenty of water but a technique that you can use that is natural is a cup of water, take a fresh lemon and squeeze about half of the lemon into the water and drink that every morning when you wake up you can also add an all natural molasses just about one half tablespoon to your water and lemon in the mornings.References :

  7. Vivian

    There’s this great product that my sister swears by, and I have used as well and have found it quite effective with helping weightloss and used as a part of a detox program… and its all natural ingredients and vitamins too with minerals, fibres and antioxidants… I swear its fabulous….
    Its called Xeno Clear by a company called Bioceuticals… google them =)References :

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