How does a colon cleanse help the body and how effective is it?

Posted by admin on Friday 11 September 2009

I am thinking of getting a colon cleanse as I have been experiencing constipation for a while now. What I need to know is how does a colon cleanse help the body and how effective is it? Also, is it worth the money and how long would I have to use it?

A colon cleanse can help your body rid itself of toxins that have built up in the intestines. If you’re not eating enough fiber, which is cleansing, then your system will get backed up. Things can get clogged/stuck to the lining of your colon. You can then experience constipation, and even if you overcome the constipation, you may still have a residue of stuff stuck on the walls of the colon, causing a toxic buildup. So the colon cleanse is comprised of a combination of ingredients that will help to rid the colon of the toxic buildup. It is very effective. Some people can even lose a few pounds after going on a colon cleanse.

How long you would have to use it really depends upon which program or products you use. If I were you, I’d find a naturopathic doctor who will recommend the proper cleanse for you, as well as advise you what kind of a diet you should be consuming during and after the cleanse.

Good luck!

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