How To Get Rid Of Chronic Constipation – What Your Doctor Can’t Tell You

Posted by Mr. Steven Lamb on Tuesday 27 April 2010


Chronic constipation is no fun. Anyone who has suffered from this malady for years usually finds little help on how to get rid of chronic constipation. It’s certainly not a conversation one would have with casual acquaintances, and it definitely isn’t something many people even want to discuss with family.

Obviously, it is recommended that sufferers first have this discussion with their doctor. Unfortunately for many, doctors don’t seem to take this problem seriously. Of course if you show up in the emergency room with a distended abdomen, pain, and a complaint of no bowel movement for a few weeks, you may get some attention, but other than that, you’re usually sent home with a useless prescription and a suggestion to add fiber and water to your daily diet.

Usually a mainstream doctor spends little time with a patient who comes in with this complaint. Perhaps the patient does get a prescription, and even is told to come back for a follow up visit, but once he finds the prescription doesn’t work, he gives up and doesn’t go back. They then are forced to fend for themselves.

And there are plenty! Whether you head to the grocery store, the drug store, or research online, there are actually some very decent products on the market that either work as a laxative (use occasionally) or they are meant to be taken on an ongoing basis. Although most of these products carry disclaimers about possible dangers of long term use, anyone who has suffered from severe constipation for years will usually ignore these warnings – especially if the product works.

Usually the next stop is health food stores or vitamin shops. There are many quality and affordable products on the market that use a variety of methods. They either have high doses of fiber (which frequently backfires and causes even longer bouts of constipation), or intense mixtures of herbs. And some of these herbs provide incredible results. Most of the bottles do warn that long term use is not recommended, but once people see how good they are, they do indeed continue to take them for months and months.

Look for tablets that include things like fennel seed, licorice root, ginger root, slippery elm, and Irish Moss. If one brand doesn’t seem to work well, try another. These are the most effective herbs for this problem.

Adding fluids to your diet might help, but by the time you’ve been experiencing this problem for years and years, you have already found out that a few extra glasses of water each day just won’t help.

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