Want to know about weight loss. Heard that the 7-day cleanses don’t really work/or don’t work as thoroughly. I’m interested in one that will work the best, even if it takes months to complete. Then after the initial cleanse, how often should you follow-up?

Don’t. You don’t need it. Don’t waste your money.

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  1. Opus

    Don’t. You don’t need it. Don’t waste your money.References :

  2. hehmommy04

    Look all of these colon cleanse things are a joke. If you are a healthy person otherwise then your colon automatically cleanses itself. If you are a very unhealthy person with known parasites detected by the doctor then follow their orders.References :

  3. Susan Yarrawonga

    Liquid chlorophyll and apple cider vinegar are both supposed to be good colon cleansers and taking both every day is very beneficial.References :

  4. Mary D

    It’s a company called RENEWS it has 7 14 and 30 day colon cleasingReferences :

  5. dj

    You can do it yourself by drinking lots of juices and eating roughages like greens veggies fruits no binding foods like bread and pasta. you take fiber supplements like metamucil every day and take some probioticsReferences :

  6. busymommieof3

    Try jade green zymes, kenzen cleanse and any other supplement from Nikken this is an awesome company with great productsReferences : http://www.nikken.com/melinda

  7. In God We Trust

    No, I wouldn’t do it if I were you. You should eat a totally "raw vegetable" regimen. This will provide you with the "roughage AKA fiber" that your body requires.Your health will greatly improve. What shall we then say to these things? If GOD be for us, WHO can be against us? – Romans 8:31. The Lord daily loadeth us with BENEFITS, even the God of our salvation. Selah. – Peace, Love and God Bless.References :

  8. Old Scout

    Once in awhile, if I think I may have pin worms, usually an itchy anus is the symptom, I have a saline enema with "Herbs of life" Parasite Tincture, about 15 drops added to the water. It contains Black walnut husk, wormwood, and cloves. It works for me. I also add it to drinks and get it in from the top down too.References :

  9. Skittles

    Dr. Natura.com- I am a very very very carefull shopper. So far this is it!! – I just did my morning cleanse seconds ago. YOU WILL ACTUALY SEE THE WORMS COME OUT. I PASSED ONE IN THE BEGINING..

    RESULTS: better poo quality, dark circles around eyes gone, lost inches, And I gave up smoking ????? Didnt get that one myself. My OVERALL quality of Life has alterd…

    Cheack for yourself – 90 Day money back guarentee- That rocks!….they should pay me. I reccomend thos stuff to EVERYONE 80.00 A POPReferences : you can eat raw and still have parasites . it comes from water primarily and believe it or not veggies has nothing to do with a worm HOOKED on your gutt. Just more veggies for the worm

  10. admin

    Dr. Natura might be okay, but Dr. Flora’s is better at absorbing and removing toxins simply because it also contains bentonite clay (sounds bad, but it’s not!). Also, if you go with Dr. Floras Ultimate Kit, it also contains Parasite Cleanse to kill parasites and their eggs and it gets them out of your system!

    Here is the link: Dr. Floras

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